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Frugal Things We Have Done

These are the things we have done frugally since the last time I posted on this topic:

– Received $ 21.45 in checks. They will be deposited into one of our savings accounts.

– Cashed in for a $25.00 Amazon gift card for rebate points. This will be used to pay for any food ordered at this month.

– Donated 2 bags of clothing to Goodwill. Got a receipt just in case we can itemize for 2020, although that is doubtful.

– Replaced 5 CCF light bulbs in basement with 5 LED bright lights which gives me much more light to organize and clean down there. The bulbs were purchased on sale a couple of months ago.

– All food has been made from scratch at home. No restaurant food was consumed. 

– I picked up a free can of organic black beans from Top’s with their digital coupon. No extra gasoline was used because it was on the way home from picking up prescriptions.

– I donated food that we no longer eat to our local food bank. I got a receipt just in case we itemize this year.

– Exercised every day but one when I was not feeling well. All exercising done at home. We no longer pay for YMCA membership for us.

– Talked with my sister using free long distance. Priceless! 

– I washed 2 loads of clothing per week using cold water. I hung them to dry. 

– We had a lot of salads for dinner and lunch so that our produce got used up.

– I sliced up a # of red, orange and yellow peppers and onions to use in fajita’s. We eat our fajita’s in a bowl – no tortillas. Almost all of the peppers are gone before they spoiled. I used our homemade fajita seasoning.

– I purchased a birthday card at Dollar Tree to go with West’s birthday gift. I can’t believe he will be 10. Time sure flies.

– We took our son and his family to the airport on New Year’s Day so that they could stay in the Florida Keys for a few days on a houseboat. Then they went on a Caribbean cruise. We picked them at the airport last night. We packed a small dinner in case we needed something to eat while waiting for them in the free cell phone lot. We picked them up at dinner time. We ended up bringing it home but we were prepared in case hunger pangs hit. 

– I have already purchased two gifts that are needed in 2020. One was on sale 20% off and the other was on clearance. 

– I purchased 2 large bottles of vitamins for us using coupons along with a sale. January is the cheapest month to buy them.

– While I was digging through boxes in the basement, I found Christmas cards that I had made 9 years ago. After I received them, I looked all over and couldn’t find them. So I figured I had thrown them out. I guess not! I will use them next Christmas.

What have you done frugally in the past 10 days or so? Please share with all of us. Remember we learn from each other. 

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Let's see:
-Added hotel plan to an upcoming work stay, when I realized they were part of a membership program
-Bought flights for my parents using frequent flier miles
-I've so far made $220 in side hustle. All of which was applied as extra to our mortgage
-We received a $6 rebate & likewise, rolled it into the mortgage payment
-I earned enough on Swagbucks for a $25 gift card for Amazon
-Batch cooked over the weekend

Nice job!
Spent about 50% less on groceries so far this month then in the past months by inventorying the freezers, making a list of dinner ideas and using Walmart Delivery for 95% of groceries.
Haven't gone anywhere or done anything the past 8 weekends
Just enjoying life without yard work

Purchased our Easter ham for .98 p/lb (saving $2 p/lb)
Cashed in CC points for a check for $125.00 that I will use for an Amazon card for Amazon household staples.
Contacted the grocery store I had won a free cake from and redeemed it for cupcakes for dil's bday. I only had to pay the $2.27 in taxes.
Ate out 3 times but twice it was $5 boxes at Taco Bell, and the other time we were treated by our best friends.
Used Shutterfly coupon codes to get 10×14 canvases for $20
(normally over $80).
Using coupon codes for savings on jeans I need for work.
This week (or as soon as I can get the bags in the car) I will be donating 2 large garbage bags of clothing to the thrift store.

Hi Kay,

Wow, that is a great price on ham. We have not seen those prices here even at Christmas. It would be nice to see that for Easter.

Nice job on the CC check, free cupcakes for your celebration for your DIL, eating out, and especially the canvases. They are so expensive. Sounds like you are cleaning out the house too. Thanks for sharing.

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