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A Snapshot of My Last Two Days

I am still purging and organizing in the basement. I only work there about an hour a day after I do the treadmill for 30 minutes.

After washing the SUV on Thursday, it was time on Friday to clean out the inside. I had taken all of the disposable bags out to make room to take our company to the airport. So I also organized those into the container that I put all of my Aldi shops in. I only put 7 bags in. The rest are inside one of the disposable bags on the hooks near our bench in the garage. If I think I will need more than 7, it is easy to just grab more from there. Most times I won’t need them.

My purse gets cleaned out at least once a week of receipts, etc. Everything got done yesterday.

We were going to have chicken for dinner on Friday. However, Hubby offered to cook dinner if I would get some sea scallops. I had tried to get them at Top’s the day before. But they had none. They were trying to pass off those small wet bay scallops as sea scallops. No thank you! So I went yesterday to Niagara Produce and picked up dry sea scallops. They are the best!

So Hubby made Coquille St. Jacques in the form of a casserole for dinner. I am staying away from bread crumbs and potatoes so he left those out of the recipe. This was so delicious! 

Today was very productive. I got all of my exercising done very early in the day. I spent my hour in the basement after using the treadmill.

Then I wiped out the entire refrigerator and took stock of what needed to be used up. That is why I changed our menu for dinner tonight. We have a lot of salad fixings, meats, and cheeses, so Chef’s salad is what we will be eating. Waste not, want not!

Next I worked in the laundry room. I cleaned the outside and inside of both the washer and dryer.

I took special care of cleaning the rubber molding around the washing machine tub. It will easily mold if you don’t clean it really well every few months. That is why so many people complain that their front loading washer smells. It’s mold. Make sure you get under it. Dry it well when you are done.

Lastly, I took out the dispenser tray drawer and took it all apart and cleaned everything well with soap, vinegar and water. I also cleaned the area that it came out of extremely well.  

I should be able to finish the laundry room tomorrow. The basket on the dryer and 2 baskets that hold cleaning items on a shelf on the wall were cleaned and organized a couple of weeks ago, so they just need dusting. Then I can wash the woodwork and the tile floor and that room will be done. So it isn’t taking me as much time as I had alloted for it. 

After dinner, Hubby and I are going to watch the Buffalo Bills in their playoff game. I am so excited about the game. I hope they win.

Tomorrow, I don’t have much planned. But it is a day of rest around here usually.

I hope you all had a wonderful productive day also!    

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You really got a lot of things done. And, your husband cooked dinner. I always kept my washing machine and dryer clean. Tommy's look like it has sat in the open for years. When it gets warmer, I will go out there and clean it, but not nearly as well as you did.

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