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Grocery Shopping Day

With the exception of buying sea scallops, 4 lbs. of organic ground beef, and a large package of chicken breasts, these shops are all that I have purchased at the grocery store since the last week in December.

This is what I purchased at Aldi today:

6 Hass Avocados – $ .59 ea. = $ 3.54

2 bags of Riced Cauliflower – $ 1.69 ea. =$ 3.38

1 pkg. of Romaine Lettuce – $ $ 2.39

My total was $ 9.31.

This is what I purchased at Top’s:

1 bag of corn – $ 1.00

Bananas – $ 1.20

2 dozen Eggland Best Eggs – after Q’s – $ 2.00 for both

My total was $3.95 after my Senior Discount of 6%.

I have tried more than once to rice my own cauliflower. I just can’t make it taste as good as the frozen. So I have given up. When the frozen is on sale like today, I buy a couple. 

Does anyone know how to freeze avocados? I know you can buy them frozen in a bag so there must be a way to do it at home. I am guessing that I dice them into chunks and either put lemon or lime juice on them to prevent them from turning brown and then freeze them. If you have done this would you let me know how. I would love to be able to freeze them when they have a rock bottom sale like this because I eat a half of one every day.

It has been a productive day. Besides shopping, I did my exercising, talked to my dentist for a while to figure out our next step on the very long saga of my teeth(more about that in a later post), cooked a pound of bacon in the oven(I forgot to take a pic after it was cooked), scanned my receipts into the Fetch app., and worked some more in the basement. We have almost the entire storage wall done. Hubby is installing everything on his new computer so he has quit for the day. I may go back down and work there for a while. 

Are you being productive today? Did you get any good grocery deals this week?    

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I got up at 5 to get to the gym this morning, so achieved a workout goal before my actual work day. I also mailed a package for an eBay sale. After work, I'll make dinner (leftovers), get a load of laundry going, and hopefully get an item listed for sale.

Hi AD this is Chris. I only went to Kroger to get some milk, eggs and bread. I went to the one that is up by some of the other grocery stores, close to our Y. It is not my regular Kroger, there is one closer to our house. I found out the other Kroger has milk for 2.29/gal vs 2.99 for my regular one. And eggs for.99/doz vs. 1.99 of mine. I may be stopping by there more often to do my Kroger shopping.

I stopped on my way to work for a few items. I really hated to buy ground beef but mine is all frozen together (project for another day) and DH wanted taco salad, I did stick my list of 4 items.

Hi Patti,

Sometimes you just have to make Hubby happy like I did buying the scallops when he was craving them. Good job sticking to your list.

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