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Nothing Like Starting The Year Off With A Screw Up

Well, I screwed up today really bad. In case you don’t know it, I write a lot of my posts ahead of time and schedule them to release on certain dates. Being so busy over this holiday season, I got my dates mixed up. Today’s Frugal Things post was not supposed to release until Friday. So I have just gone in and changed the paragraph about the lamb chops which we have not actually eaten yet. We know they will be good!  We love lamb!

I had planned on having you read the Rest of my 2020 Goals post today. Because we took some family to the airport at 5AM this morning, I was also sleep deprived so I never checked the post until after my nap that I got up from a few minutes ago. That is when I realized that I put up the wrong post on the wrong date. I will leave that one up.

However since I screwed up on this New Year’s Day, look for the Goals post in a little while. So you are getting two for the price of one today.

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