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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this past week:

1) I am using an old field notebook, which I put in my purse, to track every penny I spend when I run errands, get gasoline, go out to dinner or for some other form of entertainment. That way I won’t forget an expense and I can easily put them into Quicken when we get home.

2) I purchased 5 rolls of Christmas wrap, 2 sets of gift tags, 2 cookie boxes, 2 sets of dinner napkins, 4 Pantene gift sets, and some Lifesaver Gummies at the after Christmas 50% off sales. I didn’t go hog wild; just got things that were needed. 

3) I cashed in some Fetch rebate points for $ 20. worth of Walmart gift cards. I used some of it for the after Christmas things that I purchased at Walmart. Most of the after Christmas things were purchased at Dollar Tree.

4) Hubby loves lamb chops. I went at opening on the day after Christmas to get him some($ 7.99 a lb.) on the mid week sale at Aldi’s. We are grilling a couple today. They will be so good.

5) Hubby has been wanting a new Dell computer. His is old and starting to give him problems. He has been watching prices for a few months now. He finally pulled the trigger when he saw the best price ever two days before Christmas. He won’t get it until January 8th but that didn’t matter because it was a necessity not a Christmas gift. 

6) My treadmill has been coming up with an error code. It was going to cost us $ 274. for a repair person to come out to our home. YIKES! I asked my son when he came out for breakfast to look at it. He owns a treadmill and is pretty knowledgeable. He did and recalibrated it. Then he told me to get a silicone kit to lubricate it. Between the calibration and the maintenance, it is working perfectly; no more errors. Yeah! He saved us a lot of money. Most importantly, I can continue my 30 minutes a day on it.

7) I am still going through my books to see what I will keep, give away or sell. I want them all out of the bookcase in my pantry.

8) I won a 4 piece chicken nugget in the Wendy’s Instant Win Game. When I get the coupon for it, Hubby and I will share it for a snack. 

9) Hubby buys all of his clothes at LL Bean. He has been losing weight and will need new clothes soon. So I jumped on a deal for a $ 50. giftcard for $ 40. at Amazon.

10) I had a Top’s supermarket point that I cashed in. I was able to get a $ 50. Home Depot card for $ 40. I have now cashed in for 3 of these cards. Hubby will be getting the materials for the walls in the pantry soon.  So those discounted cards will save us money.

11) We are working on using  up items from restaurants and fast food that were extras with our meals or in our bags. We don’t go out to dinner very often and rarely go out for fast food, so you can imagine how old these are. We were saving them for when we travel in the car but we haven’t done that a lot lately. So before they are no good, we are trying to use them all up. 

12) We got our heat and electric bill for the past month and it was right on target even though we did a lot of cooking and baking for the Thanksgiving holiday. It also pays to close off two bedrooms when they are not in use. 

What did you do this past week to save some dollars?

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I need to keep a notebook with me to track expenses too, thank you for the reminder. I like your canister of travel items. I keep ours in the fridge in a large baggie, but I like the label on yours. Very neat and tidy.

I bought Christmas cards at about 75% off. This will save me money over several years. I purchase groceries and Walgreen items with coupons.

Nice job! I still have enough Christmas cards left for next year. I bought about 10 boxes of cards at 75% off about 5 years ago. It has been nice not having to buy them.

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