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2020 Goals

In prior posts I talked about a few of these. They are:

1) Eating Down Our Stockpile 

2) Lose 30-35 More Pounds 

3) I Will No Longer Employ Any Servants 

These are the rest of my goals:

4) Only Buy Needs: As I have often talked about, there is a huge difference between needs and wants. So in 2020, we will concentrate on needs. Things like food, personal care and cleaning supplies, taxes, utilities, housing maintenance, basic clothing, cable, internet, telephones, gasoline, a date monthly with Hubby,  travel to see family, and gifts for family and charities are necessities for us. I am sure there are a few others that I am not thinking about at the moment. But I think you get the idea. Expensive toys, eating out every week, coffee at any coffee place, cthotchke’s, and miscellaneous junk,etc. are wants in this household. So we will be ever mindful before we purchase anything as to which is a want or a need.

5) Carve Out Me Time: I think this is so important. We all are all so busy doing for our families whether it be for kids or grandkids, hubbies, extended family or friends, or even writing this blog that we forget that we need some time for ourselves. I will be carving out a day and a time every week, that I will put in my planner, to do something for myself that I enjoy. 

6) Clean Out All The Clutter: I have always been pretty good at keeping our home free of clutter. But our basement has gotten messy this past year. It is so easy to bring a box down and just put it anywhere. We also have many boxes that I need to go through and determine whether we need to keep the items in them any more. Clutter causes so much stress. Every time that I go down to the basement to work out on the treadmill, I see the mess and it drives me crazy. So this will be my rest of the winter project. While Hubby is installing the walls and laying the carpet in the pantry, I will be working on this mess.

I have already gotten rid of years’ worth of paperwork and tax returns that we don’t need. I threw out a queen size blow up bed that hasn’t held air in years. Why it wasn’t thrown out a long time ago, I have no clue. I found another bag of summer clothing that is 5 sizes too big for me. That will be donated to Goodwill.

If you have a cluttered area or areas in your home, make this a priority. It will free up so much stress. I have heard people say that they don’t know where to start because it is so overwhelming. Just pick one room and pick a spot in the room to start and then work your way around that room. Even an hour a day will make a big difference. It doesn’t need to be done all at once. Just make it a priority!

7) Invest At Least 60% of Our Income: AD, are you nuts? Nope this is a priority for us! We are retired but have some income every month that needs to be invested for a purpose that is close to our hearts but that I will not share. This is doable for us because we have kept our expenses low.

These are all of our goals that we have for 2020. It is a lot but we will do our best to keep them.

Did you make any goals for this year? Please share them with all of us! 

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Hi AD, this is Chris. Happy New Year to you and hubby! We got home from visiting our families and had a nice time. Everyone is doing fine. Our niece and her husband announced that she is expecting in August, so a month after our daughter is due with #2 July 15. We were so happy for them. This is one of the nieces who got married in April of 2018 when we had the bridal showers in March and the weddings in April.

I haven't made any goals. I think your goals are commendable and I will be interested to follow along. We did finally save up enough to remodel our master bath, and that will be a big thing for 2020. I am sure you can relate to having an engineer hubby that the process will not be a quick one, he will want to research everything. We are going to have it done, instead of doing ourselves this time.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I didn't get much at the after Christmas sales. Since we were out of town, I really didn't get much of a chance. I did get the following on good discounts: 1. Two puzzles that we can do this winter for entertainment. 2. Two boxes of Russell Stover chocolates to give to our kids for Valentine's Day. They had snowflakes for decoration instead of Christmas paper. 3. A long sleeve Christmas shirt for $3.50 for granddaughter to wear next year. 4. A matching game for $2 to play with granddaughter when she comes over on Thursdays. 5. A jack in the box toy for $1.50 for the new baby for next Christmas. We really didn't need much this year, so I was not desperate to go out. I was pleased that I found a few good things that we can use, even if they are wants and not needs. And I was pleased that I was not tempted to buy things just to buy them.

Hi Chris,

Thanks! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Yeah on the bath and I do know how engineers operate. It will take a while but when it is done it will be perfect!

You did great with your Christmas bargains- always thinking ahead. I love that.

Every January we do a Pantry/Freezer Challenge where we only buy a little dairy (must have 1/2-1/2 for my coffee and cheese!) and produce weekly. We eat out of the pantry and freezer(s) for at least a month. So that is one yearly goal, eat down the food stockpile.
2. I MUST declutter. I've been trying to do it for the last 3 years. It's really bothering me so I will try one box a week. And to start out I have 3 large garbage bags of clothing ready to go out of the door. I'll start in our bedroom and then work my way through the basement family room. I'll do the unheated upstairs storage rooms in the spring. This might take me a few years. We have a lot of stuff.
3. I want to streamline my wardrobe to a capsule wardrobe. I work in a very casual office for a service company. I wear jeans and logo-tees/sweaters every day. I wear a dress to church on Sunday. We don't go out to fancy places but I do want a few nicer outfits. Right now 3/4 of my closet has not been worn since I stopped working in a office-casual workplace.
4. Last goal: Continue eating a more Whole 30 compliant way for the year. I may not be on a round for the whole year but try to be mostly compliant by not eating the foods that are inflammatory for me (legumes, sugar, white flour, grains.)

Hi Kay,

Those are wonderful goals. Thanks for sharing them. You know I love pantry challenges. Decluttering is so worthwhile when it is done no matter how long it takes. I have been putting in an hour or so each day and I am getting there. I have to get some storage items today.

I wish you the best of luck with all of your goals.

Already started examining every expense but we really do not need anything this year either except for those you mentioned. We lost a pup last week and she was an old girl with expensive issues so we will adjust those budget lines.
Freezers have been inventoried and I am working on a meal plan.
Cashed in all my "rewards" and having made 500.00 last year (mostly surveys) has motivated me to do more this year.
Happy 2020!

Hi Patti,

I am so sorry about your dog. Losing an animal is so hard.

That is a wonderful number for rewards. Anything that motivates is a good thing.

Happy 2020 to you also.

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