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It Was A Very Productive Day

Errand day is always productive! I dropped some paperwork off at the pharmacy, shopped at Aldi’s for chicken(running low) at $1.49 lb. and 4 lbs. of organic grass fed ground beef at $ 4.49 a lb.( I only buy this when it goes on sale), returned bottles and  cans for $ 2.40 in deposits, got the car washed, filled the car up with gasoline using Top’s points, and shopped at Top’s for B1G1F bacon for our Sunday breakfasts. 

Chicken was broken down and frozen into meal portions. 

I cleaned out a kitchen drawer.  

My exercising is done for the day along with most of the cleaning. I am just taking a break right now from purging and organizing the basement. I will be heading back down there to do more in a few minutes.

The garbage will go out to the curb tonight for pickup tomorrow. The chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner is in the fridge.

Our salads tonight will be topped with leftover shrimp, etc. from New Year’s Eve leftovers.

Then I just have my evening routine to do and I can watch some TV and relax. 

How is your day going? 

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Today was soggy and dreary. When it let up, we went to pharmacy and to pay a bill. We took advantage of a break in the rain. Friday and Saturday will be soggy, too. I got nothing done as I am feeling unwell. I sorted things and found all my new clip-ons for earrings. I got lots of decluttering done.

Good job! I love the photo of your kitchen drawer! I needed that for inspiration. Everything is so cluttered around here, it's driving me nuts. However one must have time to declutter to find the simplicity. Right now I don't have that extra time during the weekdays. BUT, I'm sure I can find a spare hour on the weekends.
I did do most of my dailies this morning. Emptied the dishwasher. Ran a load of laundry that Farmer surprised me by folding when he got home from work! Straightened up the living room and kitchen and bath so it looked nice when we walked in.
This evening we had a simple supper of Bacon Quesadillas. I again straightened the kitchen and ran the dishwasher. I washed today's work clothes. I've paid a bill and put away the mail.
Now we are relaxing and I hope to have an earlier bedtime since I have to be to work 30 mins earlier tomorrow.
Thanks again for the inspiration.

Hi Kay,

Thanks. Just unclutter when you have the time- even if that is only 15 minutes. Many times while I am waiting for dinner to cook in a frypan, etc., I will unclutter just one drawer or shelf. Every little bit helps.

Good job on the daily chores. Yum, your dinner sounds delicious.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I didn't have time to answer this post yesterday since it was the day I had my granddaughter, and I am always exhausted after she leaves. LOL! We had a good day playing Duplos, babies, and the new matching game I had gotten for her at the after Christmas sales for $2. She really liked it. I made porcupine balls for supper for everyone. We also had green beans, cottage cheese and applesauce. I try to keep things easy on the days I have her. Today I will be running errands. Still trying to play catch up from when we were gone last week.

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