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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this past week:

– On the way home from the hair salon, I stopped at Aldi for 6 more pounds of butter at the rock bottom price of $ 1.99 a lb. It was on my route so I didn’t make a special trip. I now have enough to last us one year.

– I filled up the SUV using $ .40 off a gallon that I earned shopping at Top’s.

– We raided my gift closet for Christmas gifts for my hairdresser, the mailman, the UPS man, and the Fed Ex man. These were gifts that I knew they would enjoy and that I had purchased during the year at sale prices. I wrapped them in paper that I purchased on an after Christmas sale over 4 years ago. The cards to go with them were purchased then also. 

– My hairdresser gave me the above hair products as a little Christmas gift. I was thrilled because I buy these products.  

– We have a wine shelf in our pantry. It is pretty full right now of unopened bottles of wine. Drinking wine is not on our diet. So I am gifting a bottle of that wine to our host and hostess at the Christmas party that we are going to. I had purchased gift bags for bottles last year, so I grabbed one to put the wine in.

– For those that don’t know, Jordan’s Skinny Syrups has Keto Skinny Syrups now. You can find them here:
Keto Skinny Syrups  . This is my referral link. If you place an order, you get $5.00 off your first order. You can also get free bottles by signing up for their newsletters. They give you codes once in awhile to do that. I have gotten a number of free bottles.

– I did 3 loads of wash one after the other. Two loads got put in the dryer with my wool balls. One load got hung. I used cold water. 

– I stopped today also at Dollar Tree to pick up some more wrapping paper. They had rolls at my store that were a dark green plaid in the Christmas bins that could be used all year to wrap gifts. I already had 3 rolls but I picked up 7 more rolls today. I was not taking the chance that they would be gone when things go to 50% off. When you shop look for rolls like that that can be used all year round. 

– I have already started a savings fund for next year for a very major expense that we are going to have. We are tightening our belts! More on that when I post my goals. 

That is about it for this week. What have you done frugally this past week?

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I have a question about the wool dryer balls – I just got my first set, but my clothes are very staticky and they don't seem to be cutting down my drying time. (although they do make my clothing soft!) Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Coleen,

Ours has had a limit of 6 since before Thanksgiving. I kept waiting for them to limit it further figuring they might start running short and they never did. I have all I need now.

I want to used the wool dryer balls, but all I find are made in China–no way! Maybe Pinterest has some I trust. I always buy my year-round wrapping paper at Christmas and reduced. Curly ribbon in the right colors can be found on sale, too. Once again, I found a great paper for a guy gift, but at a yard sale.

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