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A Little of This and a Little of That

I am so busy today that I need to make this very short. 

Last Saturday evening we went to a wonderful Christmas party in the neighborhood. We were fortunate to be able to meet a couple who had just moved into one of the new houses that are being built in our neighborhood along with a couple who will be closing on their home later in December.

I have to thank Hawaii Planner for the idea of making a platter with meats and cheeses to take to the party. I took a picture of what we brought but forgot to take it before I wrapped it. Since it is hard to see, I will tell you what is on it. Pepperoni, 3 different kinds of salami(regular, garlic and herb, and pepper),beef sticks, hot soppressata, beef summer sausage, and Irish Gaelic cheese, Champagne cheese, and Whiskey cheese. I also brought two containers of different kinds of crackers. Everyone loved it! I brought this because we could eat the meats and a little cheese. With the exception of a veggie platter that someone made, there was no other food that we could eat. There was a ton of food but it was all carbohydrate laden or sugar laden( the desserts). We only ate those when we weren’t dieting. 

We have been lucky to be able to eat at parties or on holidays by making what we can eat. It has worked well for us. Hubby was good. He just had a glass of dry wine. Me, I drank water.

We had a terrific evening. So thanks to Nancy and Jack!

We had a lot of leftovers from making the platter. So last night we turned those and some other items in our fridge into an antipasto plate for our dinner. We had salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, artichoke hearts, black olives, fresh mozzarella balls, and pepperoncini on lettuce with SF Italian dressing. It was so yummy! 

Do you remember my nice clean refrigerator above that I posted about in November?

Well look at it now! UGH! This much food in our fridge makes it so disorganized which drives me crazy. So guess what we will be eating out of the rest of the week? 

Some of the butter will be moved to the freezer. The eggs are not a big deal because they get eaten for breakfasts and the cooked ones for snacks. 

Not much I can do about all the condiments except use them up. The shelf above the produce has a ton of leftovers that I will be remaking into something else for dinners. Tons of produce needs to be incorporated into breakfasts and dinners. The apples will be made into applesauce. And last but not least, the deli drawer has a lot of meats and cheeses that need to get used.  

Forget about eating this up this week. It looks like we can eat from this for the next two weeks right up until Christmas. Waste not, want not!

Am I the only one who has a full messy fridge?

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About two weeks after I came here, Tommy's refrigerator was full and messy with food he had and foor i bought and had from a vegetable tray. Then, i showed him what i put in the crock pot. He exclaimed that it was great that one dish helped clean out the refrigerator. I was equally amazed at his amazement and exclamation….lol.

Glad it worked out with the meat & cheese tray! It looks yummy.

I am definitely like you, with the clean fridge. Unfortunately, my husband is the opposite, and a packed fridge makes him feel reassured. (He went through very challenging financial times when he first moved to Canada, so it brings back memories of an entire week of getting by with just a package of hot dogs, etc.) We try to hit the right balance – lots of fruits & veggies (his priorities) & I try to manage the leftovers.

Hi AD,

The antipasto plate looks so good! I have a full messy fridge too, especially during this time of year, with holidays here ( we host Thanksgiving and Christmas) so it's a busy time and I tend to neglect the fridge:(


Hi Vanessa,

Thanks! I think all of our fridges get messy at one time or another especially during holiday times. Since I am not hosting Christmas, I have no excuse.

I wish mine was your kind of messy instead of my messy. I definitely need to clean it out. I I think there are too many condiments, etc in the bottom and too much cheese & lunch meat in the drawer. I need to pare down what I buy. I keep forgetting we are not feeding 2 teenaged boys and we are 2 old middle-aged people who don't eat like we used to in our 30s. This weekend I will clean it out and try to keep it clean for the holiday foods. And then after the New Year, we'll do our eating out of the pantry and freezer time. I'll only buy a little dairy and produce (seasonal if possible).

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am like HP's hubby in that a full fridge make me feel reassured. We are doing a good job on our leftovers lately, so I am happy about that.

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