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2020 Goals

We have been working on our 2020 goals. Today I will tell you the first one. It is one that will save us the most amount of money.

We are planning on eating down our stockpile which we have already started doing. As you have heard me talk about, we have been doing it for months.

The difference between then and now is that I was still stockpiling some things (like turkeys, chicken, and other meats as I saw them on sale). Because of that, my freezers are again full. I plan on no stockpiling until all of the food is gone. The things we eat will get eaten and the things that we don’t will get donated.

The reason for this is two fold. First, we are eating different foods than we used to eat. Now that Hubby is on board with his diet, there are a lot of things in our stockpile that neither of us will eat. Before they expire, they will get donated. Secondly, I want to use up all of the food that we have in this house and not be putting large amounts of money out for food that we don’t need. It is time to use up everything that has been stored that we can eat and use up that money that we spent to buy it.

Then I can defrost the basement freezer and put it to better use than before. I have used it for frozen vegetables and fruits, bread, an occasional frozen pizza, meats, poultry, fish, ice cream, cool whip, etc. 

I have come to the conclusion that my 7 cu. ft. freezer would better serve us if I only stored the expensive proteins mentioned above. Those are the things that I save the most money on at rock bottom prices. I have also recently found a few more places to shop that have rock bottom sales on meat, poultry, and fish. So when I am buying these items again, I will have more prices to scrutinize.

The other items that are frozen can be stored in my 2 freezer drawers in my refrigerator. We don’t eat bread anymore so there is no reason to store it. Nor do we eat fruit with the exception of occasionally eating some applesauce. When the last frozen pizza is gone(cheat nights once a month will be instituted), we will not be buying those. The SF Cool Whip and the ice cream for my grandchildren can be purchased when needed. Some kind of frozen veggies are on sale almost every week and can be found by doing a quick search on Flipp. I can always purchase them at Aldi’s where they are usually the cheapest. Hubby and I also eat a lot of fresh veggies which we can always buy at the store even if they are not in season.

So because of all of these changes, my plan had to change. We will still purchase necessary items like half & half, eggs, breakfast meats, milk and fresh veggies as we need them and anything else that we run out of that we deem a necessity. But if we can substitute something else that we already have, we will. 

By donating what we no longer eat, it will get it off our storage shelves and make it easier to move all of our storage when Hubby is ready to carpet the pantry floor. 

When we are starting from scratch, I will document how I do it at rock bottom prices for those who may need a refresher or be new to my blog.

I will also occasionally show you what we used up in a week’s time and what we had to shop for or if we had to shop.

So if you are in the same situation as we are you might want to make this one of your goals for 2020. It seems senseless to keep buying food when we have so much.

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We usually go through phases with the freezer. Right now, it's overly full, but everything in there is stuff (some) people will eat. My husband & I largely avoid carbs. He is much stricter than I am, because his is due to an allergy. That said, we have two other eaters in the house who can eat carbs, and also would like access to quick meals/snacks that they can make themselves. So, we have both types of food. Which is really of no help to he freezer space. 😉

I did plan a menu for the rest of December, so I can do a better job of planning & using everything we have available.

Hi HP,

We all do things a little differently considering how many people we have in the family at any given time during life. When my boys were teens, my freezer looked a lot different than what it is today. Hubby and I are both avoiding carbs. The pizzas will get cooked on Sunday because my grandson will be visiting. We need to get rid of them so it will be a cheat night;however we only will eat one piece. Yeah on the menu planning!

I've been cooking out of the freezer now for about 5 weeks. I went for groceries the day before Thanksgiving. Other than a few odds n' ends, that is all.

We got 14 meals out of our Thanksgiving table! Hubby is finishing off the soup today for lunch. I'll be having a few leftover celery sticks w/peanut butter when I get hungry today.

What is the diet plan? Sounds Keto ish?

Hi Elle,

Yeah on getting that many meals from your Thanksgiving. I started my diet by doing South Beach which I loved. But then I hit a plateau and switched to Keto. Now I am doing Carnivore except for cheat night. The carnivore is dropping weight quickly. But I am only going to stay on that for 2 weeks. Then I will go back to Keto.

Sometimes I read blogs where they stockpile huge amounts of meats and other things. I wonder if they ever actually use all that food before it expires or gets freezer burn. Or huge amounts of food is canned. It seems like a form of hoarding to me and not too frugal overall.

Hi Carole,

We never stock more than we can use in a year and it never gets freezer burned because I food saver it. We always buy at rock bottom prices which is very frugal for us. Hopefully other people use what they purchase. If not they are wasting their money.

What a great plan! I don;t keep much an hand these days with DH working out of tow and I skip dinner when he's not here. That of course will change at Christmas so I need to figure out a way to get back in the cooking nightly groove. I will just have to change my fasting hours. Time to go back to menu planning, I wonder if there are any Keto menu plans online

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