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Grocery Shopping This Past Week

Grocery shopping was done after the roads had been salted and sanded. Finally the sun came out yesterday. We had about an inch of ice coating our trees and roads on Sunday evening. We could not even see out of our windows the ice was so thick. Then on Monday we got about 4 inches of snow. For we in the Buffalo area, this was really nothing.

My son, DIL, and granddaughter went home on Saturday because they were supposed to get hit with a huge snowstorm starting on Sunday. My son and his family also were watching the weather and they went home from NH on Saturday also. 

My granddaughter had yesterday and today off from school. She is delighted. My DIL also has had these days off because of the snow. They ended up with 22 inches of snow. I am happy that they are all cozy and warm at home and that I didn’t have to worry about them traveling home in bad weather.

But yesterday, I was able to maneuver the roads and go to Top’s. This is what I purchased:  

Fresh Haddock – $ 8.79

6 Hass Avocados – $ .79 each – Used 2 $.75/3 cpns. that doubled = $ .29 each = $ 1.74

3 Black Olives – 3/$5.00

1 dozen Organic Eggs – $ 3.99

2 SF Cool Whip – $ 2.19 each = $ 4.38

1 Half & Half – $ 2.69

1 Box of SF Popsicles – $ 4.99

1 Riced Cauliflower – $ 2.89

1 Large GG Mashed Cauliflower – $ 5.49

1 Gallon of Distilled Water – $ 1.00

1 bag of Skinny Pop – $ 5.49 

Total OOP after 6% Senior Discount($ 2.97) was $43.50 including $ .02 tax. 

Hubby loves haddock and I love salmon. I am still using the salmon that I purchased at half off for $3.84 back in July.

The Hass avocados were a great deal at $.79 each but even better when my DIL found me coupons for $.75/3 that doubled. I have been going without avocados because I refused to pay $ 2.50 each for them. The olives will be used for a meat and cheese platter that we are taking to a Christmas party soon.

I was almost out of eggs so I got a dozen. I only had one half & half in the freezer and we drink a lot of coffee.  SF Cool whip was needed to go with our dessert of SF jello. SF popsicles and the Skinny Pop are my guilty pleasures once in a while. I love these cauliflower products. They are so yummy as a side dish. The water was needed for a medical device.

I am back down to spending about $ 50. each week and I am hoping to lower that in 2020. We have so much food in our pantry, fridge, and freezers that we are eating out of them continually and just filling in with what is needed each week. 

Did you get any great deals this past week? Please share with all of us.

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Do you have Trader Joes near you? They have a variety of riced cauliflower options that are really great & you might enjoy.

No major grocery shopping wins for the week. We are still trying to eat up our leftovers & make more room in the freezer. I baked two loaves of cardamom bread for the holidays, & squeezing them into the freezer was quite a challenge. We're trying to free up a bit more space.

We have one but it is quite a hike from me. But the next time I get over that way, I will check it out. Thanks for the tip.

Good luck freeing up space in the freezer.

Don't tell anybody but I bought 40lb of butter at Aldi. I got a honeysuckle turkey breast for $1.39 lb. That is my favorite brand. I also stocked up on stuffing and chicken stock at Aldi.

Hi Cheryl,

Good for you on the great butter hauls. Good job on getting the turkey,s tiffing and chicken stock. I can't wait to try my Honeysuckle one. It will be the next one I roast.

I just made my grocery list based on the sales flyer. All I really need to get is Gold Medal flour (unbleached) $1.98 (for holiday baking); Chex cereals 3/$5 (for office gifts for the guys); organic zucchini & colored peppers 2/$5; and not on sale Half&Half, milk for the grands, bananas, apples, grape tomatoes & baby cukes. The last non-price shown items are on every week's shopping list. I'm holding off on non-food items like hair spray, etc until after we get paid on the 2nd.
Like you we have a VERY full pantry and freezers. My shopping list until we wittle that down will be dairy and produce. I'm back to doing a partial Whole 30 round and will do some back to back rounds after the holidays. There will be alot more produce on my list then. I recently got big bags of potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions at Sam's Club and need to eat out of the vegetable bins in the fridge. We are so blessed in the abundance of food we have.

I spent a lot of money last month on groceries stocking up on BOGO's that we will use. I think and hope this month will be less expensive. Better Menu planning will also help. That snow is beautiful.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I have stocked on a lot of the things that are on sale this time of year this week. Chex cereal was one of them. The price here was a little more than what Kay above had, $1.79, but there were $1.50/3 IPs I used to bring the cost down. I got 12 boxes for the Chex mix and also for breakfast sometimes. We will use it before the exp date. I also made an Aldi run to stock on brown sugar, Greek yogurt and got a couple bags of flour. I don't go through the flour like I used to, so decided to just buy it at Aldi as I need and don't worry about stocking on it. We are going to make Christmas cookies next weekend with our kids and granddaughter, so I hit the 50% off Christmas candy 3 day sale at Kroger to get the things like Rolos, Hershey kisses and M & Ms that we need for that. The other thing I stocked on was BOGO Chi Chi salsa at Meijer, but I didn't buy as many as I usually do since we had some already and I know it will be on sale again around Super Bowl time. It was a a good week for shopping here.

Hi Chris,

You did have a good shopping week. I don't buy much sugar(unless it is monkfruit)or flour either. I just bake for company, neighbors, and my kids and grandchildren.

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