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Frugal Things Every Day

These are the frugal things that we have done over the past week:

– We got our electric and gas bill and it was $35.00 lower than last year with the same average daily temperature. Cutting little things( like using lights only when it is dark out), keeping the heat down, washing large loads of clothes, etc. all adds up in the long run.

– I purchased a $50. Home Depot gift card for $40. through a Top’s supermarket gift card promotion the morning that Hubby was going to Home Depot. Hubby had to get a few things to make a repair in the house. 

– I purchased a 4th turkey at Aldi’s. Top’s had sold out of their Plainville turkeys. Since I had nothing worth $25. to buy at Top’s, I purchased a Honeysuckle White at Aldi’s.  Eating out of our freezer paid off by letting me have room for these. One turkey was used for Thanksgiving. The others I will cook once a month over the winter. The meat will be eaten the first night and the rest will be food savered and frozen in meal portions. The turkey portions will be used instead of chicken.

– I have a crockpot of turkey soup cooking today. We had side dishes left over that I food savered in portions and froze for future meals.

– When I went to get the turkey, I purchased 6 more lbs. of butter for $1.99 a lb.

– We purchased beautiful gray carpeting for my pantry in the basement on clearance and used a coupon code for 35% extra off thanks to my son alerting us to this deal. He had purchased the same carpeting for his office and we loved it. 

– Beside carpeting the pantry, we are hoping to sheetrock it and paint it too. We just need to find someone with a truck to help us get the sheetrock. These will be Hubby’s winter project. But first I have to move all of the stockpile which will be quite a lot of work but it will be worth it.

– I baked a pumpkin and apple pie for our Thanksgiving dinner instead of buying frozen ones. 

– I read a book on my Kindle that was free.

– We are researching for a better deal for our cellphone for next year. We are looking at a Spectrum plan for $ 14.99 a month but since we have such lousy cable service, we are a bit leery. If anyone has Spectrum for cellphone, could you let me know how the service is.

– I have been using our treadmill and recumbent bike for exercise. That is one of the reasons that we cancelled our YMCA membership. Why not use what you already own!

– I sewed a button back on one of Hubby’s shirts.  

– When we decorate for Christmas, we will use decorations that we have used for years. Nothing new will be purchased.

– I purchased a new pair of slippers for Hubby from LL Bean going through Rakuten for 2% back. His were so worn out. I used a 25% off coupon code which saved us $19.75 and used $ 6.36 left on a discounted gift card that I bought at Raise to help pay for it. I also got free shipping. LL Bean sent me a $10. reward card for making this purchase.

– All of our Christmas shopping was done a few weeks ago. I was not going to buy anything on Black Friday either in the stores or online. However, Jordan’s Skinny Syrups had their sugar free coffee syrups on deep discount(40 & 50% off) so we stocked up. We use these every day in our coffee.

– Hubby printed out an 8×11 and 2 wallet sized pictures from Alexa’s 7th grade school picture for us. He also printed out 1 – 8×11, 2- 4×6’s and 4 wallet sizes that he gave to my son and daughter- in – law when they visited us. Doing it this way instead of buying them at school saves a fortune. 

– I purchased two pairs of sneakers a long time ago at a deep discount(less than $10. each). This week I broke into the second pair to use as house shoes only. They are so comfortable.  

– I have been watching Thomas DeLauer on You Tube to get Keto meal ideas. 

– We are going to a large Christmas party in a couple of weeks. I am going to be taking a cold appetizer but I haven’t a clue what to make. Does anyone have a really delicious cold appetizer that they make that everyone loves? Would you be willing to share the recipe with me?

– I redeemed rebates for a $20.00 Walmart gift card.

– We finished the jigsaw puzzle that we had been working on for entertainment. 

– We so enjoyed having our son, DIL, and granddaughter here for Thanksgiving which was Priceless. My granddaughter is now 3 inches taller than me. She has grown into the most delightful and smart young lady. I value every moment spent with her. We didn’t do anything special. We just enjoyed being together.

What did you do frugally this week?

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You had some great frugal wins last week. For the appetizer, what a cheese & meat tray, with olives & nuts added to pad it out? I usually do a thinly sliced apple, cucumber, meat, cheese, a small bowl of olives/nuts & then perhaps a chutney or jam to use as well? Serve with bread or crackers.

I was able to almost finish up our shopping & pick up things we needed. We avoided black Friday stuff, with the exception of a few gift card deals.

We made meals at home, and incorporated leftovers into our meal plan.

I need to do a big freezer/fridge/pantry clean out. That's next on my list, to make more room in our freezer!

Thanks so much for the idea. I may end up fixing that. It sounds delicious and will give me something to eat also.

You had a frugal week too. Yeah on the clean out. I will be continuing mine. My wish is to eat everything and start from scratch especially the freezer. I want to only stockpile meat there from now on because I save the most money with meat deals.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I was pretty pleased that I didn't shop many of the Black Friday sales. Daughter and I went to Michaels and Ulta on Thanksgiving evening. I bought a few paint things for my granddaughter to play with at our house b/c they had 40% off Crayola, but I spent less than $20 and am set for awhile. Kroger had 50% off games on Black Friday, but she is still a little too young for games, so I didn't buy any. I need to see if I had kept Candyland or not. Hubby got a few things at the bird store and Mendards, but not a lot. I think I am done with our Christmas shopping also, but need to check what I have gotten for our parents so far to be sure.

What a great week!
No BF shopping here except for groceries and a dental cleaning
Got the 100000 mile service done on the work truck
Got many meals out of a 7.00 turkey breast
Chris finally cleaned his office and we will never need office supplies again
Had an early bird dinner on Prime Rib night and brought most of it home. that will feed him for 3 days.

My family does an appetizer that is thin sliced Gallo salame with a small smear of cream cheese and a few pepperoncini pepper rings wrapped like a burrito and pinned with a toothpick. Very tasty and everyone loves it. Also relatively low-carb, although high in fat.

I've not been too frugal this week, although I cancelled the Hawaiian vacation I was to go on this week, so I suppose I relatively have been frugal. πŸ™‚

I did Black Friday shop, but it was for: engine oil for my car, flea preventatives for the dogs, litter for the cat, continuing legal education for myself, and a gift for my work gift exchange. So it felt like plenty of $$ flowing out, but it was savings on all things that would have been purchased anyway, if not this week then soon. I did resist the Coach bag calling my name at 76% off retail (as we say, it's not a good deal if you don't need it!) and the lure of Ulta.

Hi Rachel,

Oh,that appetizer sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing. Cancelling a Hawaiian vacation would be very frugal. πŸ™‚

Good job on the Black Friday shopping. Resisting Coach and Ulta is not easy!

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