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Grocery Shopping This Past Week

I did a bit of grocery shopping this past week:


1 Turkey – $ .48 lb.- $ 6.29

1 Celery – $.77 

1 Perry’s Vanilla Ice Cream – $ 3.34

1 Mushrooms – $ 2.50

1 Organic Lettuce – $ 2.99

2 dozen Egglands Best Eggs – $ 3.00 for both after Q

1 Red Onion – $ 2.14

1 Top’s Chicken Broth – $ .99 after Q

1 Apple Juice – $ 2.29

2 SF Cool Whip – $ 4.38 for both

1 PF Herb Stuffing – $ 2.50 

1 Hellman’s Mayonaise – $ 2.99 after Q

Total OOP was $ 27.89 plus $ 6.29 for the turkey = $ 34.18. I found the mayonaise still in the car the next day so it is not pictured. I had to spend $ 25. in order to get the turkey for $.48 lb.


1 Turkey – $ .48 a lb. = $ 9.38 

1 Crest – $ 2.29 after Q

1 Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo – $ 7.99

1 Primal Kitchen Italian Dressing – $ 5.99

1 Green Olives – $ 1.99

2 Black Olives – $ 1.39 ea. = $ 2.78

Half Gallon Egg Nog – $ 5.29

1 Lay’s Poppables – $2.00

2 Skinny Pop – $ 2.99 ea. = $ 5.98

Total including tax before the turkey was $ 34.60 plus $ 9.38 for the turkey = $ 43.98. I had to spend at least $ 25. to get the turkey at $ .48 a lb.

Aldi’s was two trips: 

12 lbs. of Butter – $ 1.99 a lb. = $ 23.88

1 Prosciutto – $ 2.75

1 Sour Cream – $ .89

Total for both trips was $ 27.52.

I am shopped out. Except to go get another turkey at Aldi’s next week , I will not be doing much more shopping. So far I have purchased 3 different brands of turkey. I got a Butterball, a Top’s, and a Shady Brook. I will get a Honeysuckle White at Aldi’s. I want to see which one is the best. I have always cooked a Butterball for Thanksgiving because we really like them. But it is time to experiment again and see which we like best. 

Some of the things I purchased are for Thanksgiving and some are for the stockpile. I had to replace the ice cream for Thanksgiving that I had purchased since West ate some last weekend. I also have a big turkey so needed another package of stuffing mix.  

I will be back with a post on Monday but then I am taking the rest of the week off to get ready for company and to make our Thanksgiving dinner.

I am off of here to bake 2 loaves of cinnamon swirl bread and some chocolate chip cookies at my granddaughter’s request. Fortunately, I have some room left in the freezer to put them until Wednesday night. I hope you all have a great weekend.

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We made one run to Costco after getting home from Hawaii. That was to fill in milk (kids) + fruit & veggies. Otherwise, we've been eating the meals my parents prepped for us. They are so awesome. Tonight we have leftover lasagna. Not totally on plan food wise, but who are we to turn down already prepped & yummy meals?

We'll get sorted for Thanksgiving this weekend, but expect it to be pretty minimal. It's just the four of us, and the boys don't like turkey. So, steak it is!

Hi AD, this is Chris. Our Kroger had the butter for the same price as Aldi and so I picked up 5 while I was out doing my grocery shopping. I got the ham, and the lowest price I was able to find for the spiral sliced was 1.99. I got a big 12 lb butt size, so there should be plenty for leftovers if anyone wants. I like to freeze some for beans, omelettes, and other things. I guess it is an expensive year for ham. At least my daughter's in laws were able to get the turkey for.33/lb. I got the stuff for the Asian slaw also before it was sold out here. I guess a lot of people still make that. It was interesting that the packages of raman have changed their name to "soy" flavor instead of "oriental" flavor. Hopefully it is not a different recipe, but just a re-naming?

Hi Chris,

Yeah on the butter! The spiral sliced hams here are $1.99 alb(at Aldi) up to $2.49 a lb at various markets. Usually I buy a couple for the freezer but not at those prices. Yikes! Instead I am buying my 4th turkey tomorrow. I hope the Asian salad is the same because I know you like it. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with all of your family.

I am so excited to have found you again! I missed you when you stopped blogging! I was an Ag major in college and our professor told us that in the turkey processing plants they would stop the lines and change the bags, so there really is no difference in turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving!

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