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Frugal Things This Week

These are the things that we are doing frugally this week:

– Cashed 2 rebate checks at the bank totaling $ 12.21.

– Withdrew $500. in cash for certain expenses during the month of December. Cash is the easiest for me for groceries, gasoline, etc. to keep within a budget.

– Hubby wanted antipasto for dinner last night. We love to order this out in a restaurant and share it. But I had the fixings so I made it. It costs a lot less to make it than eating out and we could stay home in our nice warm house. We put our Italian dressing on after we put what we want in our bowls in case there are leftovers. We don’t like soggy leftovers. We had lettuce, red onion, prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, black and green olives, provolone cheese, and pepperoncini. It was delicious and there was some leftover for lunch today.

– I received a box of freebies from Samplesource. We use Bona products for our hard wood floors so I was happy with the hardwood floor Bona. I have never used the other one but we have tile on our bathroom floors so I will be trying it out this week.

– I wrote to Turkey Hill to let them know how much my grandchildren love their ice cream. They sent me these coupons and I was so delighted. We have double coupons up to $.99 here at both Top’s and Wegman’s  so all of the $.50 and $.75 ones will double. The eggnog will come in handy for Thanksgiving if I can find it.

– I purchased 2 more turkeys. One at Top’s for $.48 a lb. and one at Wegman’s for $ .48 a lb. I am all over cheap poultry. I will be purchasing one more soon.

– Remember back in August when our A/C went out. Well I thought Hubby had purchased the switch we needed to fix it but he hadn’t. He said he needed to take the bad switch out and look for a part # on it. So he waited until yesterday and did that now that we are using heat and not A/C. He found the part # and we found the part on Amazon for $ 8.49. It is a good thing he didn’t order the one he was looking at back in August. It was the wrong one! I used a free to me Amazon gift card to pay for it. When it arrives later this week, Hubby will install it. The company who wanted to install it was going to charge us $239. for the part and labor. We said no thanks! What a rip off that would have been! 

– I brought a bag of cans and bottles to Fast Cash to get the deposits back. I received $ 1.25. 

– Hubby made homemade teriyaki salad dressing. 

– We had West stay with us for the weekend. We stayed in all weekend because it was so cold. No eating out. One night I made grilled chicken breasts and he loved dipping it in SF honey mustard sauce. But he said the best part of the meal was the ice cream sundae I made him for dessert. He had vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and pastel sprinkles. It was definitely cheaper than buying one.

– I picked up 12lbs. of butter this week for $1.99 a lb. I got 6 yesterday when I shopped at Aldi’s. Then today on the way home from the bank I stopped at an Aldi’s for 6 more. Aldi’s has a limit of 6 each trip. I use 30-32 lbs. of butter a year so I always buy it when it is at a rock bottom price this time of year. It freezes really well. I will be getting more.

That is all we have done since last Friday when I posted our frugal things. Have you done any frugal things in the past 4-5 days? Please share so we can all learn from you.

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I got only two of the Aldi butter. The freezer could not handle more, plus two pounds in the freezer. I think I would do better with cash, also instead of using a card.

I love using cash. It is so easy! I usually buy 30-35 lbs of butter. I know have a total of 14 lbs. in my freezer. I would like to pick up about 18 more which should get us through until this time next year.

Great deal on the coupons! I bet they were happy to get positive feedback from a satisfied customer. We have NO grocery stores in this area that double coupons. It was a thing back in the day, but not anymore.

I have been picking up the butter from Aldi's too. Such a great deal. I wish I had room in my freezer to purchase a few turkeys.

Great job on your frugal ways!

Hi Lisa,
I now have 3 in my freezer. I will be taking the largest out to thaw on Sunday or Saturday evening. Then I will pick up another one.

Coupons aren't that good anymore. I use very few. I find other ways to save. Thanks for sharing.

The mechanic in hubs came out of hiding and he replaced his pads and rotors himself saving several hundred dollars.
I used a GC that I got for selling cabinets for groceries and 1 date night instead of wishing it away
When he leaves on Sunday night the boiler heat and if possible the mini splits get turned off and stay off until Friday AM (unless its 20deg like tonight).
Time to start feeding the birds again so we put up a wire fence around the bird dining room to keep the dogs out.

Hi Patti,

Your Hubs is a handy, handy man. My Hubby used to do those things btu age does not allow him to anymore. Now my sons do the brakes and rotors.

Good job on selling those cabinets and using the money so well.

Thanks for sharing.

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