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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we did frugally this past week:

– Saved money on tolls on our trip by using our EZ pass.

– Purchased Halloween candy at 50% off. It is the next year’s supply: for Hubby, the grandchildren and baking.

– Baked cinnamon bread to take to our family in the Albany area

– Took all of the Christmas gifts except for one to our family to save on postage

– Returned an item of clothing that was defective. The company paid the return postage.

– I have been looking for a good buy on reusable produce bags. I finally found one at 40% off at Amazon. The set had 9 of different sizes. Our state has banned plastic bags as of early next year. However some of the stores are going to begin the ban at the end of this year so I wanted to be ready.

– My tablet is extremely old and is not being updated so many apps I can’t use. So I will be on the lookout for a good deal. Hopefully, there will be one on Black Friday.

– I picked up a nice size frosting bucket from the bakery at Top’s free for the asking. I use these for  storing dry goods in the basement. It saves me from buying more of the large ones. 

– I received a $3.00 rebate.  

– I purchased a $ 60. jacket at Kohl’s for under $15. using Kohl’s cash that was given to me for a mistake they made and a coupon.

– I saw that Aldi’s has Butterball turkeys for $.87 a lb. This will be my buy price for Thanksgiving unless I see something better in the future. We love Butterballs.

– I washed two loads of clothes in the HE washer using cold water. I hung them to dry.

– Hubby turned the heat down to 60 while we were away.

– I got a cut, shampoo, and blow dry at the hairdresser. No color or highlights this time. That saved me many $$$’s. 

– We have been very careful about using up food in the fridge so as to have zero waste.

– I cooked a dozen eggs in the pressure cooker to use for breakfasts and sliced up on salads.

– Some of the apples in our fridge needed to be used up so I made homemade apple sauce with stevia to sweeten it.

–  I watched “Hamburger Hill” on amazon prime videos.

– We just finished our last regular size tube of toothpaste so I am using up some of the many, many travel size tubes that the dentist has given us.

What did you do frugally this week?

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-My ground beef score of the week
-Ordered a birthday gift for my mom using a Target gift card I already had
-Used miles earned through work to buy four tickets to Whistler for ski break. Saved a LOT Of money
-Went to two makeup workouts for a class I've already paid for (but missed due to work travel). It was a lot of very hard workouts in a week, but I'm glad I made it happen.

I like using my reusable produce bags too. I plan to get some for our ddinlaws for Christmas. Those and I found some nice lingerie bags for the washer. Those nice practical gifts to go along with their "want" gift. I got the younger ddil the Instant Pot she asked for on a great sale at Target on their Pre-Black Friday sale. I hope to have all my shopping done by Thanksgiving except for maybe the asked for tablet & ipods. We'll be watching sales from now on.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I would be interested to know what kind of reusable produce bags you got. It might be a good present for our parents also since Kroger is going to give up the plastic bags sometime soon. Thanks.

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