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Frugal things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this week:

– Saved $25.00 on my Walmart grocery shop using free gift card rebate money

– Purchased spring mix, guacamole minis, croissants,  and angel food cake at reduced for quick sale prices

– My son helped Hubby bring our bench seat in from the garage to a guest bedroom. It needed to be off the floor for some garage work to be done. They cleaned the dirt off the feet before they brought it in the house. I then went through the shoes and boots and donated a few pair that we are not using. By doing the work with help from my son, we save by not having to hire movers to get all of the things out of the garage.

– We still have no A/C or heat on. I read the meters for the utility company. They were the lowest we have ever had for both electricity and natural gas. I will let you know how much the bill was next week.

– I received another $5.00 Walmart gift card from a rebate and another $5.00 rebate in the mail. 

– Hubby made French toast in the electric fry pan for our Sunday family breakfast. I made two eggs for myself. I cooked a lb. of thick cut bacon that I purchased at Aldi for $3.79. It was delicious so I know where we will be buying our bacon from now on. Hubby ate the leftover French Toast for breakfast the next day. It heats up beautifully in the air fryer.

– I had a can of crescent rolls in the fridge that needed to be used up. So I thawed some cocktail hot dogs and made pigs in a blanket for dinner one night. Hubby ate them a second night and I had salmon. The piggies without blankets are what I ate. I made  small salads for a side.  

– I made some SF banana strawberry and some SF peach jello as dessert treats.

– I watched “The First Wives Club” on Amazon Prime for entertainment this past weekend while Hubby watched a lot of football games. This movie was very enjoyable and gave me some good laughs.

– We watched our Buffalo Bills beat the NY Giants for entertainment on Sunday.

– We had two meatless meals this past week: a large tossed salad and an omelet. 

– We have been incorporating veggies and fruits into every meal(even breakfast) to use up our produce.

– We have really been enjoying our aster in one of our front gardens. It truly pays to buy flowering bushes or any kind of flowers that are perennials because they don’t have to be replaced year after year. So we have 4 more being planted in various gardens tomorrow. Our hanging baskets( these are the only annuals we plant every year.) are still in full bloom and as beautiful as when we planted them in May.

– I shampooed the SUV carpeting this week.  

– Hubby made the last container of hummingbird food this year. They will all be heading south soon.

– Only did two loads of laundry – one with towels and one with clothing. The clothing was all hung to dry.

– Only ran the dishwasher twice this week using homemade dishwasher detergent.

– Enjoyed a free telephone call with an old friend. Priceless.

– Cut chives from our garden to put on Hubby’s baked potatoes.

– Gave myself a manicure and a pedicure.

– We calculated our net worth yesterday. It is a must to always know where you stand especially when you are retired.

– I have not been sleeping well. The little bit of money that I spent to buy some Melatonin was worth it’s weight in gold. Who knew that 10 mg. would knock me out and let me get 8 hours sleep?

– Hubby took the 4 hour course in New York State that lets us get a reduced price on our liability coverage. The discount is good for three years.

– We did not eat out which I think is a huge drain of money from anyone’s budget.

– Our cellphone is paid for through the end of the year. So we are researching a cheaper plan to switch to for next year.

What did you do frugally this past week?

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I really like your bench!

A few frugal wins:
-I tracked down insurance on a stolen eBay item, and got $190 returned to me. Huge, as the post office rejected the rest of my claim
-Hosted guests vs going out, and made quite a bit of my own food vs buying (pico de gallo, pesto, hummus, etc)
-Found a great wine in our red wine stash (I only drink wine) to set out vs buying, as our guests are red wine drinkers
-Most exciting, closed on our refi!

Thanks! It was in our entryway in Arizona. It gave us a place to put our shoes on when we went out and under the lid then went when we came home We don't wear shoes in our homes. But I had no place to put it indoors in this home. Since we leave through the garage a lot, it now sits in the garage where we can do the same.

Yeah on retrieving that $190. You did well this week.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I love your bench. This week I can't think of any out of the usual frugal things I did? But I stayed in my grocery budget, so that is something. I did take our little granddaughter to meet hubby at McDonald's yesterday when I had her for lunch, but we don't do this often, maybe once every 6 weeks or so. She loves to meet her Pa for lunch. Oh, I remember now, I did order her some shorts, a skort and some play shoes that were all on clearance online at Kohls. She is growing so much. Daughter said she is needing the size I ordered for the end of the season, so that is good, and maybe she can start with them early in the season next year. I try to just buy basics like jean shorts so she can wear them with anything and I don't pay much, so she can wear them to day care and they don't have to worry if she ruins them.

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