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Grocery Shopping This Past Week

I went grocery shopping this past week at Walmart. I did that mainly to get snacks for Hubby. When he wants those I find a way to get them cheaply. Knowing that I had a total of $25.00 in free Walmart gift cards, Walmart was the perfect choice.


2 pkgs. of broccoli florets – $1.00 each
1 Lay’s Poppables – $1.98 after Q
2 Doritos – $2.00 each after Q
1 Frito’s Scoops – $ 1.98 after Q
1 pkg. corn – $1.00
2 Pizza Dough – $1.00 each
1 Orville Redenbacher popcorn – $ 4.98
1 Fiesta Cheese – $ 2.56
1 Wholly Guacamole Minis – $ 3.78(reduced for quick sale)
1 Ruffles – $ 3.48 after Q = $ 2.98
1 Spring Mix – $ 2.97(reduced for quick sale)
1 Cinnamon Cream Cheese – $ 1.57
1 M & M’s – $ 2.98
1 Seeded Rolls – $ 2.78
1 Croissants – $ 2.39(reduced for quick sale)
1 Angel Food Cake – $ 1.78 (reduced for quick sale)

Total was $ 18.86 after $ 25.00 in Walmart Gift Cards.

The Q’s were off 2 pkgs. of Lay’s and were stickies on the packages so keep your eye out for them. I have never seen so many reduced for quick sale items at my Walmart. I think I shopped right after they marked them down. Hubby is loving the angel food cake and croissants. I am loving the spring mix and the mini guacamoles on my salads. West is coming to stay for 4 days soon so we will make homemade pizzas which he loves.

Did you get any good deals this week?

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I'm envious that your husband can still eat that way & maintain his weight! My teens can definitely put down the snack food. No great deals this week, but I did use a $6 reward so Nick could buy things he wanted for a few cooking projects. We also focused on making at home vs buying a few things (pesto, hummus, pico de gallo) for hosting a dinner, as we spent quite a bit on the salmon. It was much cheaper than going out. That said, we spent more than usual at the store, given we were out of a few things, and were hosting a dinner for 8.

I will bet your teens can. My boys when they were home did! That is a great ways to use rewards.

Your did great on that company dinner. Salmon is expensive. Fortunately I still have two big salmons that I got for reduced price cut up in the freezer.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I got some things at the Meijer 10/10 get the 11th item free sale last week, but just 11 things this time. I got a couple bags of pretzels, a few cream cheese blocks for the freezer, and a few other things. Fresh Thyme had their chicken sausage on sale for 1.99/lb this week so I bought some of the sweet italian sausage. We also did the kitty litter gift card deal at Target last week and now our cat is set for kitty litter for the winter. I am going later today to do the b $45 g $15 off cat food sale at Kroger so she will be set for food for the winter also. I try to stock on those so we aren't lugging big bags of food or kitty litter in the snow.

Hi Chris,

What a great price on the chicken sausage! That sounds like a good plan for the cat. I hated lugging those big bags home for Precious when she was living.

I took advantage of the OM bacon at 3.99/lb. I could have gotten 12 but settled for 4 and stopped eating it daily during the week and .99/2 liters. Also the Target deal on cat litter, using the 10GC on dog food. I just cashed in coins at CoinStar for a 350.00 Amazon GC that will goes towards dog food as well (we have 4 labs and a cat) so, lots of money spent on the pets.

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