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Frugal Things We Did This Past Week

I made 2 loaves of French bread from scratch. I did not use the bread maker. It was all done by my hands. They turned out well. I have frozen one loaf for the future and we using one when we have company for dinner tonight. Hubby wanted it to put the gruyere cheese on in his French onion soup that he makes.

Hubby is also making homemade chicken piccata with linguine or homemade zoodles and a tossed salad. We will have SF chocolate pudding with SF Cool Whip for dessert.

We are serving Moscato with dinner. And there is plenty of liquor and beer choices for the evening. Our newspaper this weekend had a $5.00 off coupon for a liquor store in the next town. I had to go for my yearly mammogram and the radiology place is very close to this liquor store. So I stopped there and bought some libations to fill in the gaps in our bar.

I received $ 6.00 in rebates.

I got a $10.00 gift card for Walmart from Ibotta. That will get used the next time I go there for groceries. 

Speaking of Walmart, they finally have grocery pickup and delivery at my store. This will come in very handy this winter. I have a $10. off coupon code for my first order. Do any of you use these services at Walmart? If so how do you like it?

Hubby needed printer paper. I thought I had some in a box in the basement. Sure enough, I found an entire case that I got a while ago at Office Depot on a deal. So we won’t need paper for a few years.

I did just one load of wash using cold water and hung it to dry. 

We have kept the A/C off and I am hoping that we are done with it for this year. 

My son and grandson came on Sunday for breakfast. I made scrambled eggs, sausage, and cut up a cantaloupe. They ended up staying through lunch so I served snacks – tortilla chips with cheese dip, cookies, and my grandson wanted some Cheez-Its (his very favorite snack). 

I have gone down another size in clothing so my jeans are getting quite baggy. But I am going to continue to wear them until I go down another size.  I have a good belt that will keep them in place. I would like to wear them as much as I can this winter. I don’t plan on going out much because I hate the cold and the snow. Also most of my tops are short sleeved. I will make due with the few new long sleeved ones and just wear a sweater with the short ones. 

We only have about 12 boxes of kleenex in our inventory. I decided unless I see it for close to free, I will not buy any. Hubby and I will use our handkerchiefs. 

Hubby wanted a pair of jeans from LL Bean. I used Rakuten to get 2% back, a 20% off code, and a gift card purchased from Raise at a discount. I had to pay no additional cash out of pocket.

And last, we were getting low on toilet paper. Eighty rolls that I ordered from Amazon arrived on Sunday.

If it seems like I am doing a lot of shopping lately, I am. It is just our normal stock up before the winter.

Today, I went and paid our huge school tax bill of $4648. I was not happy when that arrived. Our assessment this spring went up another $33,000. It had just gone up 2 years ago by $20,000. If they raise us again, I plan on contesting it. So today was not a frugal day. However, I was able to pay it from our checking account and did not have to pull it from an investment. So that part made me happy! 

Please feel free to share what you did frugally last week. We all learn from each other. 

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I had a few frugal wins. First of all, I cooked all week except for Thursday so I would have leftovers to eat all weekend while hubby had to work out of state. I watch our granddaughter on Thursdays, as you know, and hubby was gone by then, so I did order pizza, as I always cook for everyone that day. I did use a $5 off coupon for the pizza and got the bags of caesar salad at the store instead of ordering salad for everyone. The second thing I did was to pay all of our bills on time and in full, including our credit cards, which had expenses from our recent vacation on them.

The rest of the holiday weekend was not as quiet and frugal as I had hoped with hubby being gone. I got cellulitis in my arm again and needed IV antibiotics this time. I was able to go to a short stay place with our hospital system instead of being admitted to the hospital. Our daughter was a big help to me with all of this. I hated to ruin her weekend, but was grateful she was close by and could help me. I am feeling much better today and went to my exercise class.

Hi Chris,

I am so sorry about your arm. I hope you are feeling better today. Daughters are wonderful!

I love your frugal choice of the pizza and bagged salad. Easy and you don't have to eat out.

Let's see, what did we do this week:
-I participated in an online consumer forum, and earned another $10
-I cashed out Swagbucks for a $50 Amazon gift card
-I chased USPS about a missing item & follow up insurance claim
-i found a great deal on ground turkey & took advantage of the Friday Freebie at a local store to get a box of K Cups
-I went back to week a few days early, which means I got paid on Labor Day, & it will be part of my bonus calculations
-Bought a discounted gift card on Raise (going through Rakuten as well)

Hi Kim,

I went and paid it yesterday so that I wouldn't have to think about it anymore. These constant assessment increases are starting to tick me off. We talked with a guy in Arizona today which has me thinking about moving back there. Property taxes were a lot cheaper there.

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