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My Buy Prices for Basic Items

These are the prices in my area that I look to buy at:

Ground Chuck at $2.99 a lb. I believe I would buy as high as $3.49 if beef prices go up.

Ground Beef in our area is $1.99 a lb. but we don’t like it. For those of you who do, it is a good price.

Beef Roasts run between $2.99 and $3.99 a lb. I would stock at $ 2.99.

NY Strip Steaks are between $5.99 and $7.99. I will not buy them higher than $7.99. We would just go without.

Boneless Chicken Breasts are usually $1.99 a lb. and below. My stock up price is $1.49 to $1.69. I did notice that Sloan’s Meat Market had them on sale this week for $1.19 a lb. but you had to buy a 40 lb. case. I did not have room in my freezer nor did I need 40 more lbs. Some day if they have that price it might work out better.

Bone In Chicken Breasts run $ .99 to $1.19 a lb. Stock up price for me would be $ .99.

Whole Chickens are between $ .69 and $ .99 a lb. My stock up price is $ .69 – $ .79.

Turkey Breasts run $ .88 to $1.19 a lb. I stock when they are $ .88 – .99 a lb.

Whole Turkeys at Thanksgiving are usually between $.47 and $.99 a lb. I will buy a couple of Butterball at the $.99 price. Any others I buy will be closer to the $ .47 price. We like the Butterballs for the holidays. The other ones I will cook and freeze the meat and use it like I would chicken.

Hams at Thanksgiving or Christmas are on sale for $ .89 to $1.29 a lb. I will stock under $ .99 a lb. 

Shrimp runs between $ 7.99 and $13.00 a lb. I don’t like paying more than $8.99.

Pork chops or pork roasts run between $.99 and $ 1.39 a lb. I will pay $1.39 for the roasts but only $ .99 to $ 1.09 for the chops.  

Bacon runs between $ 3.99 and $5.00 a lb. I try to find it at $3.99 but recently I haven’t been able to. Hence I had to pay $5.00 a lb. this week because I was totally out. I will keep watching for a stock up price. 

Breakfast sausage runs between $.99 and $ 1.49 a lb. I will stock when it is $ .99.  

I stock on butter only at the Thanksgiving or Christmas sales. I usually pay under $ 2.00 a lb. I buy enough to last me a year.

Half and Half is usually $ 1.55 to $ 2.49 a quart. I only buy 2 because I don’t stock on this.

A good price on a gallon of milk is $1.99. 

Eggs have been between $.59 and $ .89 a dozen. I stock up when they are $ .59 but buy less at the higher price. 

I will stock on ice cream when it is under $ 2.99.

I buy SF Cool Whip at $1.99 a lb. This is a sale price in my area so I will buy 2-4 and keep one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

Bread I like to buy under $ .99. Hot dog and hamburg rolls $.69 – $ .79.

Strawberries I will stock on when they are $1.49 or under a lb. For blueberries my buy price is below $ 1.69 a lb. 

Apples I will stock on under $ 1.49 a lb. We rarely see them below that.

My stock up price on peaches is $ .89 a lb., on seedless grapes is $ .88 a lb. and on cuties $ 1.25 a lb. I will pay $.99 to $ 1.49 for in season cantaloupe.

Frozen veggies on sale are usually $1.00 and under. I will stock at those prices. Canned veggies I will buy at $.59 and under.

When corn on the cob is in season it runs $ .10 to $.30 an ear. I will buy a few for Hubby to eat fresh and then a few to freeze.

My buy prices for the following are: 

Fresh Asparagus – Under $ 1.49 a lb.
Cucumbers $ .50
Zucchini $ .99
Cauliflower – Under $ 2.50 a head
Romaine Lettuce – $ 2.99 – $ 3.99 for a pkg. of 3 
Bagged Spinach – Under $ 1.59 
Potatoes – Under $ .40 a lb.
Broccoli Crowns – Under $ .99 a lb. 
Onions – My stock up price is $ .39 a lb.
Green Cabbage – Under $ .59 a lb.
Peppers – Under $ 1.30 a lb.
Fresh Mushrooms – Under $ 2.00 a container 

I buy rice at $ .59 a lb.and under. Cereal has to be under $2.00 a box. Cake and brownie mixes have to be $ .50 and under. Frosting has to be $ 1.67 and under. Diced Tomatoes must be $.89 a can and under. I buy tomato sauce in a #10 can for $ 2.98.  

I think I have covered most of what I stock up on regularly. 

Can you get these buy prices? Are yours cheaper or more expensive? 

I hope you all have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend. I will be back posting after the holiday. 

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Unfortunately, we don't shop around much unless we see an exceptional deal on something. For groceries, we do the majority of our shopping at Costco, which has the consistently lowest prices. I do look at the loss leaders at our local grocery store & if there is a particularly good deal, I'll go there instead. We also watch the prices at our produce stand, and vary where we buy some items due to the very low prices there.

Our rule of thumb is to buy just what we need when it's regular price, and buy 2-3 when something is discounted & we use it consistently.

Have a great weekend! I rarely buy anything at full price but I do stock up on the the really good deals. OM bacon @ 3.99, Hf sausage @ 1.49-1.99, OM lunchmeat 2.99, this week 12pk soda is 2.50 so I will get what the budget allows..maybe 12. Meat is usually Costco, steak (7.99) and chicken thighs (.99) and legs .(79)

Hi AD, this is Chris. Interesting that your meat prices are similar to ours in Ohio when on sale for the most part. I try to buy produce in season/loss leader, or check the Kroger mark downs for .99/bag. Sometimes I hit the jackpot on it, but not every week. I try to stock on h/ba and household if I can also. Earlier this year I got a bunch of soap for cheap and free toothpaste. We are Tide loyal since hubby is allergic to anything else, so I watch for sale deals on it also. Lately I have been getting it when Kroger has a mega sale deal on it, I got 2 today for my stockpile, as well as a few shave creams for shaving my legs and I had gotten good razor deals awhile back. It does help if you pay attention to your prices. Have a great holiday weekend.

Hi Chris,

I am not surprised on the meat prices. After all we are neighbors(states). I so wish we had a Kroger here. I loved Fry's in AZ. It was a Kroger store and they had the best deals. You have a great weekend too!

I buy organic as much as possible so my answer is no. I did get "natural" chicken thighs on sale for $0.99 Saturday. It says no antibiotic/hormones. It will be interesting to see if we note a difference in taste/texture. I will research this producer to see what the underlying story is since the price is $5 less per pound than organic.

I bake all our bread, a 10grain/whole wheat base. I do on occasion buy a loaf of sourdough-love it for french toast!

Like others here, Costco is my main purchase location. Wild caught/Pacific fish, organic ground beef, organic chicken and when Farmer's market and CSA are over, organic fresh veggies.

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