Every Day

My Buy Prices for Basic Items

These are the prices in my area that I look to buy at:

Ground Chuck at $2.99 a lb. I believe I would buy as high as $3.49 if beef prices go up.

Ground Beef in our area is $1.99 a lb. but we don’t like it. For those of you who do, it is a good price.

Beef Roasts run between $2.99 and $3.99 a lb. I would stock at $ 2.99.

NY Strip Steaks are between $5.99 and $7.99. I will not buy them higher than $7.99. We would just go without.

Boneless Chicken Breasts are usually $1.99 a lb. and below. My stock up price is $1.49 to $1.69. I did notice that Sloan’s Meat Market had them on sale this week for $1.19 a lb. but you had to buy a 40 lb. case. I did not have room in my freezer nor did I need 40 more lbs. Some day if they have that price it might work out better.

Bone In Chicken Breasts run $ .99 to $1.19 a lb. Stock up price for me would be $ .99.

Whole Chickens are between $ .69 and $ .99 a lb. My stock up price is $ .69 – $ .79.

Turkey Breasts run $ .88 to $1.19 a lb. I stock when they are $ .88 – .99 a lb.

Whole Turkeys at Thanksgiving are usually between $.47 and $.99 a lb. I will buy a couple of Butterball at the $.99 price. Any others I buy will be closer to the $ .47 price. We like the Butterballs for the holidays. The other ones I will cook and freeze the meat and use it like I would chicken.

Hams at Thanksgiving or Christmas are on sale for $ .89 to $1.29 a lb. I will stock under $ .99 a lb. 

Shrimp runs between $ 7.99 and $13.00 a lb. I don’t like paying more than $8.99.

Pork chops or pork roasts run between $.99 and $ 1.39 a lb. I will pay $1.39 for the roasts but only $ .99 to $ 1.09 for the chops.  

Bacon runs between $ 3.99 and $5.00 a lb. I try to find it at $3.99 but recently I haven’t been able to. Hence I had to pay $5.00 a lb. this week because I was totally out. I will keep watching for a stock up price. 

Breakfast sausage runs between $.99 and $ 1.49 a lb. I will stock when it is $ .99.  

I stock on butter only at the Thanksgiving or Christmas sales. I usually pay under $ 2.00 a lb. I buy enough to last me a year.

Half and Half is usually $ 1.55 to $ 2.49 a quart. I only buy 2 because I don’t stock on this.

A good price on a gallon of milk is $1.99. 

Eggs have been between $.59 and $ .89 a dozen. I stock up when they are $ .59 but buy less at the higher price. 

I will stock on ice cream when it is under $ 2.99.

I buy SF Cool Whip at $1.99 a lb. This is a sale price in my area so I will buy 2-4 and keep one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

Bread I like to buy under $ .99. Hot dog and hamburg rolls $.69 – $ .79.

Strawberries I will stock on when they are $1.49 or under a lb. For blueberries my buy price is below $ 1.69 a lb. 

Apples I will stock on under $ 1.49 a lb. We rarely see them below that.

My stock up price on peaches is $ .89 a lb., on seedless grapes is $ .88 a lb. and on cuties $ 1.25 a lb. I will pay $.99 to $ 1.49 for in season cantaloupe.

Frozen veggies on sale are usually $1.00 and under. I will stock at those prices. Canned veggies I will buy at $.59 and under.

When corn on the cob is in season it runs $ .10 to $.30 an ear. I will buy a few for Hubby to eat fresh and then a few to freeze.

My buy prices for the following are: 

Fresh Asparagus – Under $ 1.49 a lb.
Cucumbers $ .50
Zucchini $ .99
Cauliflower – Under $ 2.50 a head
Romaine Lettuce – $ 2.99 – $ 3.99 for a pkg. of 3 
Bagged Spinach – Under $ 1.59 
Potatoes – Under $ .40 a lb.
Broccoli Crowns – Under $ .99 a lb. 
Onions – My stock up price is $ .39 a lb.
Green Cabbage – Under $ .59 a lb.
Peppers – Under $ 1.30 a lb.
Fresh Mushrooms – Under $ 2.00 a container 

I buy rice at $ .59 a lb.and under. Cereal has to be under $2.00 a box. Cake and brownie mixes have to be $ .50 and under. Frosting has to be $ 1.67 and under. Diced Tomatoes must be $.89 a can and under. I buy tomato sauce in a #10 can for $ 2.98.  

I think I have covered most of what I stock up on regularly. 

Can you get these buy prices? Are yours cheaper or more expensive? 

I hope you all have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend. I will be back posting after the holiday.