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Frugal Things This Past Week

These were the frugal happenings here this past week.

Hubby hung hooks in the garage so that we can get the glass/or screen for our back door off the floor. It has been leaning against a wall behind our garbage cans. He also hung hooks to hang our spare chairs and get them off the floor.

I ordered a year’s supply(10 cans) of 30.5 oz. Folger’s coffee from a deal at Office Depot through Rakuten. They ended up costing me about $4.50 per can after the rebate. I won’t have to buy coffee for me for well over a year.

Leaf Filter people came at no charge and put up flashing that they should have done when they installed the filters on the gutters.  

Our security alarm people came out on a repair call. We had a code pop up on our control panels that we had never seen before. When we called them, they said they had to come out to fix it. The repairman found that something had never been connected in our control panel when it was installed. That is what caused this code and a failure. It took over 9 years to fail. He also said another code would be caused to pop up too so he fixed that also. Hubby had also asked them to look at one of our motion detectors that was giving us trouble. Hubby decided to replace it and since technology has come a long way in 9 years, he had all the motion detectors replaced.  Because the alarm company didn’t install the system properly, he waived the $120. fee to just come out to the house. He also only charged us $25. for labor. It would have been close to $150. Yes, we had to pay for the motion detectors but we saved about $245. in total.

I washed one load of clothes with cold water in my HE washer. I tried to use my dryer to dry them with the wool balls. The dryer was giving me trouble. It didn’t seem to be heating up. So Hubby went outside to make sure that nothing was blocking the air from going outside. He found no problem. I switched to a different setting than the one I was going to use and the dryer worked. Then about 10 minutes later I cancelled that setting and went back to the original one and it worked. Whether it will continue to work when I use it, time will tell. It is getting old and I purchased it used when we bought it and the washer. So I am researching washers and dryers to see what our next purchase will be just in case it is dieing.

I took the inside of my dishwasher apart and cleaned it really well. Then I ran some citrus Koolaid through it on the short cycle. This keeps it working efficiently.

I have been using up our fresh produce so that none of it goes to waste. If you are throwing produce out you might as well just throw the dollars in the garbage.

Hubby has been watering our hanging baskets really well this summer. The sprinkler system does not reach those. They look as good today as when we purchased them.

Our air conditioning has been off for days. I am hoping to not have to turn it on again.

I washed the SUV in the driveway.

I filled the car up with gas getting $.50 off a gallon with supermarket points. 

I have not been spending a lot on groceries the past few months because we have been eating out of our freezer and pantries. So there is a great deal on chicken this week and I will do some stocking up for the winter. But not as much as I thought because my inventory shows I have about 25 lbs.

I complained online to Hormel who sells the Jennie O turkey breast that was so awful. They sent me 3 – $5.00 off coupons. One good on Cure 81 ham and 2 that are good on one product up to $5.00 each. The ham one expires in October 2019 but the others are good till October 2020. It pays to take the time to complain. They also sent me a full list of the products they sell which is very helpful for figuring out how to fully take advantage of them. 

I have a busy two days of shopping to do. So I switched this Wednesday post with my Tuesday post. Tomorrow will be Tuesdays.

So what did you do frugally this past week? Please share with all of us.

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Here are a few frugal things we've been up to:
-Continuing to sell/list things on eBay
-Cashed out Swagbucks points for a $50 Amazon gift card
-Converted points earned in a consumer survey for a $15 Paypal credit
-Packed snacks & water for our relay
-Bought groceries & made lunches for our first relay meal, vs our typical Subway stop
-Brought home a few leftover snacks/treats from the relay, and the kids will take those as lunch treats
-Made a frozen lasagna when I got home & was too exhausted to do anything else on Sunday. The other option was takeout or delivery.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I wanted to mention that my hubby did something clever for garage storage when he used some of the big tubs that cat litter comes in and hung them on the wall of our garage to store our bag chairs and seasonal lawn decorations that are long and thin. It was a good way to use them.

You got a good deal on the coffee. I have some Staples rewards that I am thinking to use on that also. I will report what I buy when I use them.

This week we went to an event in our town and I got the tickets on the pre-sale at a discount. Last night I used up a lot of our fresh produce to make chicken sausage and veggies. I do pretty well with using up produce before it goes bad, but could always do better.

I think I am going to have an eating out of the pantry and freezer challenge for Sept, so I can make room for the low prices later in the year at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Hi Chris,

Tell your Hubby that I said he is very clever! I would love to see your coffee deal. I will be right there with you getting the holiday deals.

I learned how to replace the screens in our patio door and now the front window screen because cat decided to try and murder a bird but only ended up killing the screen. Not sure how much a repair call would have cost but the supplies were cheap and i have enough left over for more screens.

A few things….
Instead of buying a couch we are putting the tool sales money towards the 401K loan
Redeemed Swagbucks for a Paypal credit
Used a GoodRX coupon instead of going through insurance on 2 prescriptions saving 29.00
All meals at home
Grocery shopped with sales and coupons
Put everything away in the yard that we think pup can get into including using some old fencing around the trees and along the garden fence (he's been digging under it)

– While I did have some food items from the fridge I had to toss, they weren't a loss as the barn cats were very happy with them.
– I have been canning the pears we picked from our tree. This is the first year since we planted it at least 15 years ago that we had enough to can. Normally the birds and wildlife get them. There are a few worm spots but not bad. The grandkids will love this come winter.
– Purchased cards and snacks at Dollar General for only a $1 each.
– We will pay our real estate and personal property taxes before the deadline and avoid interest charges. I will mail that check on Thursday.
– I found that I have just 2 payments left on my Jeep. It took me just 3 years to pay off by paying between $25-$50 more each month. I never noticed the extra out of my checking account.
– Farmer made a deal with the Dealership where he bought his "new" combine head, to get parts at their cost + 10%. Huge savings there.
I'm sure more frugalness will happen the rest of the week. We'll continue to eat from pantry & freezers as much as possible. Tonight is farmer's market. I'll be looking for cucumbers and a good watermelon.

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