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A Little Of This and a Little of That

We had a quiet weekend with the exception of our son and grandson coming for a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast. I am using up the last bag of blueberries that I froze last August. I cooked sausage to go with it and we had V8 juice and coffee. I just cooked two eggs for me since I am pretty much carbohydrate free. 

I spent some time looking at the grocery sale ads and making a grocery list. We are having company for dinner on Sept. 3rd so I need some things for that. I am also planning on stocking up on sale chicken for the winter. I think I will get 20 – 30 lbs.

Here is my to do list this week:

Defrost the freezer(DONE)

Grocery shopping – 4 stores (DONE)

Pick Up Hubby’s prescriptions at the drugstore(DONE)

Order Norelco shaver replacement blades for Hubby’s shaver(DONE)

Fall clean the guest bathroom(DONE), hallway(DONE), laundry room(DONE), kitchen(DONE), breakfast room(DONE), and great room(DONE)

Practice making a loaf of French bread in my oven. This is needed for French Onion soup that Hubby is making for a first course for our company dinner. I want to make sure the bread will turn out the way I want before I make it the day of the dinner. Otherwise, I will get a French bread loaf at the market that day. Our bread maker doesn’t make the shape loaf that we want for the soup.(DONE)

Pay $450. in charitable donations(DONE)

Go over the budget and make sure that we are going to be able to eek out the large bills coming this week and next week without taking money from our investments(DONE)

Get one Christmas gift from my Christmas list( DONE)

As you can see, I have a very busy week. I like to get all of my Fall cleaning done before Labor Day. So I had best run and get started on my day.

What is on your to do list this week?

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When I make French bread, I use the dough cycle of the bread machine, remove the dough and shape as desired. I then let it rise 30-45 minutes and bake in the oven. I have arthritis pretty bad in my hands so I use my breadmaker for the dough cycle only of my breadmaker as kneading causes me a lot of pain. I don't bake bread in the bread machine. I have worn out several bread machines since 1996 when I first started using one and only one of those cooked a decent loaf in the breadmaker itself. It is much better if baked in the oven.

Hello AD, part of my "to do" lists this week is decluttering and cleaning the house. I'm pregnant right now and baby is due November, it would be nice when baby gets here that we don't have a lot of things around the house and can focus on baby. Cooking/freezer meals is also part of the plan before the month ends:)

That's a busy week! I'm trying to wrap up as many sabbatical projects as possible this week. Today I listed a few things on eBay for my sister, finally convinced my husband to come up with a big item to list that was sitting in the closet, and have unpacked from our weekend adventure.

I need to get yard work done, start on my half marathon training, catch up on laundry, clean the house, and get some kid activity stuff organized.

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