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What We Ate and Grocery Shopping

I only grocery shopped one time this week. This is what we purchased.

Chicken breasts were again $ 1.49 a lb. at Aldi’s. I purchased one large package. Then I cut the breasts into smaller portions lengthwise and used the food saver to package and freeze them. I also purchased 3 avocados for $.79 each and 2 heavy whipping cream to use in our coffee for $ 1.55 each. My Aldi’s total was $11.77.

At Top’s, I purchased 4 packages of Parmesan Crisps for snacks and to put on salads for $ 2.50 each. Salmon was on sale for $10.99 a lb and that will give me 5 meals. Hubby asked for the 100% apple juice boxes. So I picked up 1 package of 8 for $2.39. Lastly, I purchased 2 G. Hughes sugar free ketchup for $2.99 each. My Top’s total was $40.57.

As you all know, we eat from our pantry and freezer stockpile while replenishing our produce when needed. So here are the meals we ate this past week.

One night we had taco salads and one night we had Chef’s salads with chicken pieces on it. We also had pork chops and steamed spinach another night.

Then I had salmon and oriental veggies and Hubby had leftover pork made into fried rice.

One night we had lemon garlic chicken and asparagus. Last night I made our anniversary dinner. Hubby cooked porterhouse steaks on the grill. I made riced cauliflower for me and I baked potatoes in the air fryer for Hubby. I baked him 3 potatoes. That way he has two leftover for other meals this week. We have leftover steak to go with 2 breakfasts this week.

We skipped lunch all week and ate late breakfasts so that we could intermittent fast. Breakfasts were always eggs over easy or scrambled with our choice of Canadian bacon, regular bacon, or chicken breakfast sausage. Many breakfasts I had 1/2 an avocado with them.

So what did you cook this past week? Did you get any great deals while grocery shopping? Please share in comments so that we can learn from each other.

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No great deals this week. We were in restock mode, after being gone for a bit. I have a combination of things we brought back with us from our trip, and things we just bought. The kids are heading to sleep away camp on Sunday, so I'm expecting that we will need a lot less food next week. The boys eat a ton!

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am still trying to eat from the freezer and it is slowly going down. One thing we ate a lot of in the last week were peaches that our daughter got from The Peach Truck and shared with us and our son. The quality of the peaches were really good. They come to our area a few times in the summer. Daughter usually doesn't get on the first time, this was the second time they had come, and quality just right. I don't know if they come to your area or not, but recommend them if they do. I believe the cost was $40 for 25 lb of peaches.

The salmon looks delish. I have been eating low carb and my husband is not on that band wagon. That's fine, I eat a protein, vegtable and add some siracha or other seasoning.

Hi Lisa,

Yeah on the low carb. My Hubby does not follow my diet either. But if he is having something totally different, he cooks it. If he is eating the same meat as me, I just cook him a different veggie,a potato, or rice.

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