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Till Debt Do Us Part

How many of you knew that there is a Canadian show called “Till Debt Do Us Part”?  I didn’t. Since we are debt free, including no mortgage, I was never looking for shows like this. I stumbled upon it on Saturday on You Tube. So I did some binge watching of a number of shows.

Of course it is a lot of entertainment but if you have never budgeted your money, it might be helpful in that area. 

The premise is that a woman named, Gail, who has a background in finance makes house calls to people who are seriously in debt and need someone’s help to set up a plan to get rid of that debt. 

She shows the couples how much over their income they are spending each month and how much debt they will be in in 5 years if they don’t fix it. 

She also sets up a budget for them so that they can be out of debt in a few years.

Now I am skeptical about how many of these couples actually follow their plan after the three weeks of the show is gone. Especially of those who I am sure will never change their ways. There were some couples I watched who I hope made it to their debt free date. However, there were some who thought it was all a big joke and I am sure were just after the “up to $5000.00” that she would give them if they did what she told them and had good attitudes. Hopefully, Gail made sure that the money was put on their debt and didn’t leave it up to the couples to do it.

I am sure there are many couples like them who are just really bad with their money. Either they have never been taught how to budget with their money or they believe they “deserve” to buy whatever they want whether they can pay for it or not. The latter I don’t have any sympathy for. They are the ones who end up having their cars repossessed, losing their homes, and ruining their credit. 

If you have debt, please take a look at some of the videos that I will link. It may open your eyes. I can’t link them all but I will give you links to some of the ones that I thought were interesting: 

Debt On A Tight Rope

Slaying The Debt Dragon

Time To Pay The Piper

Cash Poor House Proud

Ground By Debt

Gail Force of Winds

You can find a lot more here or by searching for each Season in the search bar:

A Lot More 

I hope these motivate some of you to budget your money and tackle your debt. You can not have true freedom and less stress unless you do something about it.

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I watched this series years ago. While interesting to watch, Gail Vaz Oxlade can be very sarcastic and unkind. Not surprised she has been divorced 3 times. You might like her show Money Moron.

These shows are great but quite outdated now. Gail lives nearby and I have been known to see her in the grocery store or out and about in our small town. She is known for telling it like it is in real life, just like on her show.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Thanks for mentioning this show. I am always interested in these kinds of things. I will try to watch some of them when I have time.

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