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Frugal Things We Did This Past Week

These are the frugal things we did the past 7 days.

We only had the A/C on for about 24 hours. It is off at the moment even though it is extremely muggy outside. The temp in here is 73.

I deposited 7 checks into our high interest savings account yesterday.

I repaired all of the clothing that needed to be, sewing on buttons, patching, etc.

I got an emergency visit and Xrays at the dentist on Monday at no charge because it was included in the discount plan that Hubby had already paid for.

I paid my dental bill yesterday for the root canal(20% off with our plan) with my credit card to get the reward points. We pay our credit card bills in full every month. 

It has been hot and humid here and it is supposed to continue the rest of the week. Up until yesterday, we had not used our sprinkler system. But we made sure to only water the minutes that we felt was necessary. It is not frugal to let our grass and bushes die.

I purchased 5 packages of reduced price meat on the Target $5.00 giftcard deal along with two regular priced items. A friend purchased two of them from me. I dropped them off on my way home from Target. 

We have sparklers left from two years ago that will be used to celebrate the 4th.  

I purchased bulk sea salt and bulk legal pads from Amazon because they had the best prices for me.

We harvested cherries from our tree. I see pies in our future. 

I paid $5.99 each for two rotisserie chickens on the way home from the dentist yesterday. I was not up to cooking after 2 and 1/2 hours in the dentist’s chair. Rather than go out to eat or get fast food which would have cost a lot more, I bought the chickens. Each will give us 4 meals. So the cost per meal is under $ 1.50 or $.75 each for the meat. I took all of the meat off the bones and used the food saver to divvy them up into meal size portions.

I went to the library on errand day and returned books. I checked out two more books and a movie that we had wanted to see. Pictured is the movie and the book I will read first.  We watched “Red” at my son’s home. “Red2” was $3.95 to rent on Amazon. The library was free.  

On errand day, I checked out a consignment shop in another town. I have decided that I will put the clothes that I am now wearing on consignment with them when they no longer fit. Some of them are getting loose already. 

I washed our SUV out in the driveway. It was so dirty and buggy from our trip across the state.

We continue to keep the sun out on the windows where it would come in and heat up the house. We are keeping lights off in the daylight. I continue to wash in cold water and hang clothes to dry. 

I redeemed Fetch points for a $10. Walmart gift card and Bing points for a $5.00 Amazon gift card.

What have you done this past week to save some dollars? Please share with us in comments so that we can all learn from you.    

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I always love when you post your "what I did to save $$" articles. I find them very motivating, b/c I do some of the same things, and it makes me feel I am doing the right thing to live the frugal lifestyle. One frugal thing we did recently was to get some of the things we needed for our Alaska trip when Dicks/Field and Stream were having a clearance sale. We were able to get the hiking shoes and rain gear we needed for good discounts on Father's Day weekend. I was also able to get some discounted hiking type socks for my new hiking boots. Every little bit helps. We are thinking this may be the last hiking shoes and rain gear we may need?

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