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Grocery Shopping and What We Ate

Most breakfasts were eggs and Canadian bacon except for Sunday when I made scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns for Hubby and West. I did not eat the hash browns.

Lunches were salads for me and sandwiches for Hubby.

The night West ate here I made hot dogs and added applesauce. On Sunday night, I cooked up the rest of the hot dogs and some broccoli. One night we had NY strip steaks with sauteed portabella mushrooms. I cooked up fresh spinach as a side. 

Two nights we had Chef’s salads with turkey, veggies, and a hard boiled egg. The other two nights, Hubby had spaghetti with meat sauce and I had zucchini noodles with plain sauce.

All of our meals are relatively simple and easy for summer. By having the same dinners two nights in a row, we avoid a lot waste. 

Groceries were purchased at a variety of stores. I did the meat deal at Target earning myself a $5.00 gift card. We were out of ground beef and ground pork which I make meatballs out of. Normally I don’t shop at Target because it is in a different town. But it is near my dentist, so I stopped while I was down there.

I spent $ 22.74 at Top’s and earned 200 extra gas points for purchasing the 6 Crystal Light. Since Hubby drinks a lot of this, I didn’t mind stocking on it. I had 4 $ .75 coupons that doubled for the 4 Blue Bunny sundaes. These are for my grandchildren. The 4 SF Cool Whip were on B1G1F. The Diet Coke was $.69 with Top’s Super Coupon. I submitted for a Ibotta Rebate of $ 1.15 for the sundaes.

I spent $26.24 at Walmart. The Lays Chips were $2.00 each. I needed them for company and Hubby. I needed the paper plates for a cookout. I was out of Organic garlic powder and it was on sale for $ 1.98. The salsa and guacamole minis are for snacks. The Lays snack packs were on sale for $5.98 and are for Hubby. The cucumbers were $ .58 each. The zucchinis were $1.57 for 3. The Gold Bond was a money maker of $.03 after a $1.00 coupon. 

Aldi’s total was $ 2.84 for hot dog buns and romaine lettuce.

And lastly, I purchased a 5 lb. bag of sea salt for $23.58 at Amazon. 

I managed to get this post done tonight so that it would be up earlier.

Did you get any good deals on groceries this past week?

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Hi Sluggy,

I was thinking about the drink deal yesterday too. But the diet soda that Hubby drinks was too high priced. I can get it much cheaper elsewhere.

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