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Frugal Things Every Day

These are the frugal things we have done the past week.

We drove to visit our family. I filled up the gasoline tank getting $.50 off per gallon with rewards. I paid $2.299. I used the 2% back credit card. We got such good mileage this trip that we still had 100 miles in the tank. Hubby says we got close to 30 miles per gallon coming and going. That has never happened before.

I made our lunch for the trip out. I made a simple salad for me and a PB&J sandwich on a wheat thin for Hubby. We drank Snapple diet iced tea and water that I brought in the cooler. No stopping for calorie laden fast food and no extra money spent.

On the way back from our trip, we drove straight through. I munched on almonds and Hubby munched on a granola bar that we had packed.

We still have not had to turn on our A/C. It is a pleasant 72 degrees in here. Being it is June 26th, I am pleasantly surprised. Let’s see if we can get through July 4th without it.

We just got our electric and natural gas bill. It was $93. for the past month. We had still used some heat during that period. But the cost is coming down. Now if we don’t have to use A/C, it ought to come down even more. 

I grilled a large package of chicken thighs outside last night. I put some on my salad. The rest I froze in strips to use on future salads.

I washed the laundry from our trip in cold water and hung it to dry. Then I quickly ironed what needed to be. 

We were invited to a graduation party out of town. We have prior plans so we will not be going. I needed a card to send a gift to congratulate the graduate. I checked my  card stockpile and already had one I could use. I always stockpile cards that I may need all year in January of that year.

I cleaned my fridge and realized that I am overstocked on produce. We will be eating a lot of salads so that it doesn’t go bad. I have a small zucchini that needs to be used quickly so I will make zoodles and have spaghetti and homemade meat sauce tonight. No wasted food in this household. 

I had a miscellaneous check of $ 8.09 to deposit this week.

I continue to save plastic grocery bags in empty Kleenex boxes. Our state has banned them effective January 1, 2020. Some markets like Wegman’s are getting rid of them sooner. I use these for wastebasket disposal so I am stockpiling them. It will save me from purchasing wastebasket sized bags.

We have not turned our sprinkler system on yet. We have had plenty of rain. Hubby has been watering the flowers by hand.

Hubby loves insulated water glasses. One of his came apart. He glued it back together. That saved me from having to replace it.  

I have been cutting chives from our back garden to put in my eggs each morning.

I brought the chocolate chip muffins and cookies that I had baked as a gift for my family.

My son put new brakes in the front of our SUV while we were visiting. Even with buying the brakes, giving my son a Lowes’s gift card, and a large box of Swedish Fish(which he has loved since he was a kid) as a thank you, we spent about $150. less than our garage wanted to put them in.  

I purchased 4 lbs. of cheap strawberries and froze 2 lbs. for future use. 

What have you done to save money this past week? Please share with all of us.

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Hi, Thrifty trip we do the same take our food with us when we travel. On saving your bags I also save bread bags cereal liners. We ate at home last week as always we very rarely eat out . Had a very good mail day $25.00 check from capitol one rewards pay off monthly no interest here, $250.00 refund from dental insurance our insurance refunds that amount so at least some free dental and $50.00 gift card for hubby from son. That was a great mail day. Have a good week. Joyce in pa.

Hi Joyce,

Do you use the cereal liners and bags for garbage or something else?

You definitely has a great mail day! Thanks for sharing everything.

I was out of town a couple weeks ago. The class I attended had lunch catered for us for 3 days. I made sure to eat plenty of salad at lunch. Breakfast was included with the hotel room. My dinners were pb&j's (which I love) and chips to keep my food costs down. The added bonus was not having an upset stomach from eating out for every meal.

I was in Hawaii with my sister & friend, and while it wasn't at all frugal, we did make frugal choices. 1) Parked our car further away (1.5 miles) & walked in the heat! 2) Bought a few groceries at Costco to keep in the room, so we could have breakfast & lunch there. 3) Ate out for happy hour vs big meals for dinner. 4) Took advantage of free resort activities & didn't pay for other activities. Worked out perfectly & we were plenty busy with the free options.

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