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Grocery Shopping and What We Ate

Grocery shopping was a true delight for me today. You have seen me buy G. Hughes Sugar Free products. I have purchased them on Amazon and at Walmart. My Top’s now has them and they are carrying a lot more marinades, steak sauce, BBQ and dipping sauces than anyone else. Some of them are on sale this week for $2.99 and I stocked up.

I also broke down and bought some boneless chicken breasts even though I have a lot of chicken. I have thighs and roasters in the freezer but I needed the boneless breasts for company that will be coming to dinner soon. 

At Aldi I got a big bag of roasted pistachio’s, salt, 2 dozen eggs( $.59 each), chicken breasts($1.49 a lb.), a bag of avocado’s, and frozen asparagus spears. My total was $21.92.

At Top’s I got creamer($.40 cpn.), 2 cans of coffee(B1G1F sale), 4 lbs. of fresh strawberries(on B1G1F sale), Baby Bella mushrooms, 1 lb. of extra large shrimp( $8.49 sale), 7 G. Hughes sauces (on sale for $ 2.99 each and one was $4.99), 4 sugar free jello, 1 8oz. bag of spinach( free cpn.), 2 cantaloupe( $.99 each), and 2 bags of Skinny Pop($1.50 cpn. and my guilt free snack).  My total was $63.77. 

I only have a couple of meals that I cooked for dinner from last week because I was away part of the week.
Two nights I had salmon and green beans. Hubby had pork chops and a salad.

One night we both had taco salad. 

On Friday my DIL cooked chicken, broccoli and made salads. Saturday was a cookout for Alexa’s birthday party. They had a ton of food. I chose a cheeseburger with no roll and put salsa on top and I had 1/2 of an avocado with it. I ate no ice cream cake.

On Sunday night we went out to Texas Roadhouse and I had a rib eye steak with a house salad with olive oil, some green beans and unsweetened iced tea. 

Most breakfasts were scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon even at my son’s house. I also had 1/2 an avocado with it.

I have to thank my DIL for going out of her way to get things that I could eat on my diet. I told her not to because I could pick and choose from whatever she had. But she did anyhow and I appreciate that she did that. 

On our trip out we stopped and I ate a salad I made to bring with me. Hubby had a sandwich that he made. On the trip home, we drove straight through. We had snacks and drinks in the car so we were fine.  I got Hubby a 6 inch sub. from Subway for dinner last night and I ate a salad that I made.

Tonight, Hubby wants a ham and cheese sandwich and some potato salad. I am going to have grilled chicken on a salad. 

Did you get anything on a good deal at the grocery store this past week? Or cook a special meal? Please feel free to share with all of us.

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I took brats and chili (canned cheap) along with avocados to the lake. Only bought buns and chips. Kept he cost way down by going through the pantry and only serving what I had on hand. Made a home made cake for a treat.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Well, we pretty much stayed with eating from the freezer and only buying fresh stuff, except I did get the things I didn't have to make chicken enchiladas last Thurs. when our family came for supper. I am going to have to faithfully really eat from the freezer between now and our vacation the end of July, b/c I found out the beef from the guy at hubby's work is going to be processed while we are on vacation. The meat packer will keep ours until we get back, but we will need to go over right away after we get back. So, July will be a eat from the freezer challenge here. At least it should help my grocery $$ be less, so that is a good thing.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing. We will be eating form the freezer more often too. I need room come fall for meat and poultry.

Yes less $$ is always wonderful.

We were in Hawaii (not cheap), but we requested a fridge & microwave. We cobbled together breakfasts & lunches in the room, & did happy hours for dinner. We also brought our own alcohol, as the drinks at the hotel were super pricey. I'm guessing we saved about $1500 on food/drinks between the three of us.

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