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Frugal Things The Past Few Weeks

Even though I am dealing with a health issue, those who know me know that I am still being frugal. So it is time to let you know how I have been doing this the past few weeks.

But first I thought I would share with you our beautiful blooming pear and purple plum trees. Finally we have had some warm weather and rain and things are starting to come out in their beautiful colors this time of year.

Now down to frugality:

– We have a very small Dollar Tree in our little town. I was tired of having to stop in all the time and try to get matching locker boxes for my organizing. It was almost impossible. It would be 15 miles round trip to go to the next town. So instead of wasting our gasoline, I placed an online order shipped free to my store. It took a couple of weeks to arrive but I finally have a case of new locker boxes to be able to start to organize in my basement pantry. A case was 18 white and 18 blue.   

– I deposited $14.97 in rebates to our savings account.

– We have a gas stove with a window in the door. Somehow a drip got between the two panes of glass a few years back. I looked and looked and could not figure out how to get in there to remove that drip that was driving me crazy every time I looked at the door. Finally yesterday, Hubby took the entire door apart and we cleaned that drip using my vinegar gel and some Method window cleaning spray. It took him quite a while because it was difficult to get it all apart. They don’t make things easy for you. But such a little thing made me so happy when it was done. 

– Our patio table broke over the winter. We only had three chairs left with it anyhow so it is time to replace it. We have been looking for a set that we like and have not found it yet. Since most sets that will last are between $1000. and $1500., we are taking our time. If that means that we have to wait until the end of the season when they are on clearance, so be it. We have other patio furniture that we can use in the meantime.

– I filled the SUV up again with gasoline purchased at $ .30 off a gallon. My DIL had surgery about 8 days ago for a torn ACL so we took care of West that day. So we needed to take him home and it is a 140 mile round trip. 

– We have several occasions over the next couple of months where we need hostess gifts. I saw these insulated bags on clearance so I purchased them. They are extremely nice and for just $6.04 each including shipping, they are very economical. Since New York has banned plastic bags in 2020, everyone can use these: Insulated Bags . Now to find some “laundry type” cloth bags to use for buying produce. 

– The only shopping I did this week was to stock on some NY strip steaks. Top’s had them on sale for $6.77 a lb. I had the head butcher pick me out a good loin and he cut it into 1 and 1/2 inch thick steaks for us. I ended up with 11 steaks. I food savered them before I put them in the freezer. They will be wonderful grilled outside this summer. I saved $73.43 buying them on sale plus an additional $4.13 using my senior discount of 6%. 

As I was putting the steaks into the food saver bags, Hubby said to look at one of the windows in our great room. I did just in time to catch this picture. I didn’t get as close as I would have liked but I didn’t want to scare the canaries. They had landed on our screen. 

– Last week I was offered a $10 off coupon to try Top’s grocery pickup. I needed to order at least $35.00 worth of groceries to get the pickup for free- no fees and no gratuity. So I ordered $37.44 in items that we needed and then applied the coupon which then cost me $ 27.44. The order was ready in an hour and it was easy to just pull into the designated parking spaces and have someone load it into your car. Everything that you see is on my diet with the exception of the hash browns and the Cheez-It Grooves. Hubby wanted the crackers and I cook the hash browns for Sunday breakfasts when I don’t have time to make my own. BTW, the Green Giant mashed cauliflower is to die for! 

– Hubby also did some touch up painting in our kitchen, great room, and the bottom of the basement stairs. Now the walls look good as they did 9 years ago when they were originally painted.  

– I cashed in my rebates on Fetch Rewards to get some Walmart gift cards. 

Other than those things, we are doing the usual like keeping all lights off when it is daylight, washing in cold water, hanging laundry to dry, and cooking efficiently watching portions.

What have you done to frugally lately?

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You got some great deals, especially on the beef. Our free steer is about to be delivered to the processors. That will be our only costs incurred. We will split the beef and the fees with my mom. That's the frugal part. The not so frugal part is that about a year ago I gave my daughter our 3rd freezer that wasn't being used. Now she has it filled with venison so we have to buy another freezer LOL.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I have done some frugal shopping at Kohls again. I needed a new swim suit and got one on their Mother's Day sale last weekend. It ended up being $33.xx with tax after all the discounts, which I thought was great. I think I had told you we are taking a cruise this summer and my old swim suit is too big now that I have lost weight.

I tried to get the gift cards we got our moms for Mother's Day at a store that had extra fuel points, but was only able to do for one of them. I did get the actual cards at the Dollar Tree so that was a savings. šŸ˜‰

We went out for an early celebration of our anniversary with a discounted gift card we had gotten through our daughter's employer last summer and have enough left on it to go out one more time.

Hubby changed the oil on both of our cars the past few weekends, so saved having that done. He always also inspects things, and found on his car that it will need a repair that he is going to have our mechanic do. Luckily he found it before it failed and he was stuck somewhere, so thankful for that. The mechanic is able to work him in tomorrow so we will take the car over tonight. It is close by.

Haven't had the greatest deals at our grocery stores lately, so just mostly buying the loss leaders we use and fresh produce. We will be getting our 1/4 beef next month, so still eating from freezer also to make room.

Hi Chris,

Yeah on the swimsuit! I have to try mine on. After losing 30 lbs., it may not fit. Thanks for the reminder.

You had a great frugal week.

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