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Frugal Things

These are the things that we have been doing to stay frugal around here:

– I got 2 bags of this salad mix marked down to $.99 each because it was the day before expiration. We have eaten one and will finish the other for lunch tomorrow. If there are any wet pieces, they will get tossed. 

– I have only been to the grocery store twice for small orders so doing well with my grocery budget. 

– Since I was out of the house most of the day yesterday, I needed to thaw something that would be easy for dinner. So I thawed a pound of bacon which I used to make bacon macaroni goulash. It was easy and yummy and we have enough leftovers for tonight.

– I have been researching solar ovens. I would like one to use this summer to save money on utilities. We have a lot of sun here in the Buffalo area so I believe it would be cost effective. If any of you have one, please let me know what kind and if you love it.

– We are calculating how much pipe insulation we would need to insulate our hot water pipes that run through the basement. They have a long run from under our master bath to the guest wing of the house and to the kitchen. 

– I am meal planning very simple meals from our stockpile. They are easy with meat purchased at rock bottom prices. Two nights a week, we are doing meatless meals like salads and biscuits or pancakes with fruit.  

– Breakfast meals during the weekdays are cereal and fruit. We have a huge stockpile of cereal to use up before it expires. Weekend meals will be our eggs and meat or pancakes and meat.

– We did rebalance our investment portfolio.

– We are still hanging laundry or when using the dryer, we use our dryer balls which knocks a bit of time off the drying time.

– We are doing all the frugal things like taking navy showers, keeping lights off in the daytime, turning off phantom energy wasters, keeping our shades and blinds shut, cooking in small appliances, etc.

– Since I am saving on buying garbage bags, I hit the jackpot the other day. We got a delivery that had 8 of these big bags as packing material. I saved them all for garbage. I am actually amazed at how little garbage we produce in a week. Everything that can be recycled is being. Everything that can go down the garbage disposal is. Anything that we declutter is being donated to the Salvation Army.

What have you been doing frugally lately? Please feel free to share with us in the comments.  

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