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This Week’s Grocery Shop

Yesterday was my weekly grocery shop. We are trying to only go once a week. Last week, I sent Hubby one day for a few things at Aldi’s after I had already been to Top’s. He stuck to the list with the exception of something he wanted for $ 2.99. It was a cheap price to pay while I was not feeling well.

So after meal planning and checking the ads, here is what I purchased at Aldi this week. I will not be shopping again until next week unless some really great deal that we can stockpile comes our way.

Have you ever purchased onions that turn bad pretty quickly after you buy them? Well it has been happening to me a lot lately when I buy them at Top’s. So I am now buying them at Aldi. Two lbs. for $ 1.69 was cheaper than Top’s too. They looked great and are really solid. We go through a lot of onions in this household. They are a natural antibiotic along with garlic so they help to keep us healthy.

Besides onions the only
produce I needed were carrots and apples. The carrots were $ .99 for 2
lbs.- a lot cheaper than buying baby carrots. The apples were 3 lbs. of
Honeycrisp for $ 1.99. It is our favorite apple.  

Chicken was on sale for $ 1.49 a lb. I only had room in the freezer for one pack after buying that whole pork loin last week. This is a really good price in our area. 

Whenever I see organic grass fed ground beef on sale for a good price, I will buy some. This was $ 4.99 for the lb. I will be making hamburgers for dinner tonight topped with lettuce and sauteed onions. I will put a few French fries in the air fryer as a side. Leftovers will be lunch tomorrow. I had a package of buns in my stockpile in my freezer so I pulled them out. The next time we have hamburgers, I will make the buns.

I picked up some garlic powder for $ 1.19. We were out.

So the total for all of this was $ 19.83. After this shop and last week’s, I have $ 216.98 left out of my $300.00 budget for the month.

Now that I am shopping Aldi’s more often, I am seeing other items that we need that I don’t normally buy there. I would love if anyone who shops Aldi’s regularly would tell me the favorites that they buy there.

Have you gotten any good food deals this week yet?


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I love their pickled beets and the sun dried tomato pesto. I put a jar of the pesto nearly in anything that I make that is tomato based, especially soups and stews. Takes the flavor to the next level! Also love their GF pretzels thought I am not ending GF…..just like their taste and crunch! The sliced honey smoked turkey breasts are delicious also ( deli type). All these things are greatly reduced compared to other stores, especially the pesto. I would n very buy that in any other store due to the price (5-6 dollars less than what I see in other stores).

Whenever I am in a nearby town that has an Aldi's, I always try and stock up on their pineapple and peaches (canned in its own juice. At our local stores the prices are almost $2.00 per can. At Aldi's they are priced at .89 each. I usually purchase a couple of cases of each. Also, try and stock up on their cheese. Prices are also much cheaper there than at our local stores. Penny S.

I buy their solid white tuna (cans), milk, eggs (only 48 cents a dozen!), 8 oz blocks of cheese, mushroom spaghetti sauce, large tortillas for burritos, cheese-it like crackers, refried beans, low sodium soy sauce, lots of fresh veggies, potatoes, black and green olives, cottage cheese, salt for the water softener, olive oil, spices, and lots of other stuff. It really saves money shopping there. Some items I have to buy from Kroger or Walmart because Aldi doesn't sell them, but I've def lowered my food bill shopping there. I'll have to try the grass fed ground beef, that is a good price.

Hi Deb,

Wow, you have a great price for eggs! Thanks so much for your great list! The grass fed beef is so tender and flavorful. We loved our hamburgers last night. We have enough left to have hamburgers again tonight.

I buy the canned in juice pineapple and bags of chopped walnuts. I want to try their organic grass fed chuck roast some time.
I usually always get some good produce buys, too.
I've gotten non-GMO oyster crackers for 79 cents, and every winter I buy several bags of the made in Germany Winternacht spice cookies for 1.99 each.
DH likes their plain (natural?) shredded wheat cereal – I think it's non-GMO, too.

I'm catching up on reading your blog and wanted to chime in about Aldi. Also love the weekly produce buys. Also, snacks for the kids. Large bag of pretzel sticks only 59 cents. Organic milk is 2.49 a half gallon. I noticed my local Aldi does meat markdowns (red half price stickers) on Tuesdays to make room for the next week's specials (that start on Wednesday). Love their hams, sometimes can find uncured hams for reasonable price from time to time. Mary L.

Hi Mary L.,

Thanks so much for sharing.I have never been able to find meat markdowns at my Aldi's but I will keep looking. I love their hams too.

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