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Under The Weather Does Not Stop Me

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache. Tylenol does not take it away. But I am trying not to let it interfere with what I need to do today. 

So I am taking it easy and not doing any heavy work just little odds and ends around here.

This morning I baked some homemade blueberry muffins. I had about a cup of blueberries in the fridge left from doing some smoothies.

I was going to sew a button on Hubby’s shirt that came loose but Hubby did it before I had a chance. I love a man who can make his own repairs. 

I am getting a small grocery list together for tomorrow. Top’s is running PI deals. They have a white meat chicken pie that we have been wanting to try but not at full price. With coupon, they are $ 3.14 tomorrow. I also have some deals that I want to pick up.

The beef barley soup that Hubby and I made yesterday turned out to be the best we have ever made. So that will be dinner again tonight.

I am also working on a project that organizes all of my usage books for my kitchen appliances. Instead of stacking them in a drawer and having to go through the stack to find what I need, they will be organized so that I can lay my finger on anything quickly. I am hoping to get it done today. I will post a picture if I do. 

My order of 80 rolls of toilet paper for $ 40.14 arrived today. Down in the stockpile it goes. These are large rolls.

Well, I finished my project. All of the kitchen appliance usage booklets have been put in this Pendaflex File. Inside it has a folder for every letter of the alphabet. Everything is filed alphabetically according to what it is. For example: My Kitchen Aid mixer info is filed under M for Mixers. My Rice Cooker is under R for Rice. Now I will be able to easily pull the booklet when I use an appliance. 

I didn’t get as much done as I wanted today because of my throbbing headache. But at least the day wasn’t totally wasted.

Did you have a productive day?    

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I saw the tp and thought you had rolled up your appliance books…lol. Since I married, I have had a folder for all warranties and another for all appliance books. I just keep all of them in one folder since there are not so many I cannot find what I need. They are under W for warranties. I really hate to have a headache that slows me down. Well, all my headaches are just face aches from sinus congestion.

Hi PP,
Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the good wishes for my headache. I am still having problems with it and I am starting to think it is sinus.

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