Every Day

It Was A Very Productive Day

Errand day is always productive! I dropped some paperwork off at the pharmacy, shopped at Aldi’s for chicken(running low) at $1.49 lb. and 4 lbs. of organic grass fed ground beef at $ 4.49 a lb.( I only buy this when it goes on sale), returned bottles and  cans for $ 2.40 in deposits, got the car washed, filled the car up with gasoline using Top’s points, and shopped at Top’s for B1G1F bacon for our Sunday breakfasts. 

Chicken was broken down and frozen into meal portions. 

I cleaned out a kitchen drawer.  

My exercising is done for the day along with most of the cleaning. I am just taking a break right now from purging and organizing the basement. I will be heading back down there to do more in a few minutes.

The garbage will go out to the curb tonight for pickup tomorrow. The chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner is in the fridge.

Our salads tonight will be topped with leftover shrimp, etc. from New Year’s Eve leftovers.

Then I just have my evening routine to do and I can watch some TV and relax. 

How is your day going?