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This Week’s Grocery Haul and More


I only needed a few things this week. I realized that tomorrow is senior discount day at Top’s after I was on my way there. However, I needed one of the items that I picked up at Aldi’s for dinner tonight. Since I only needed 2 items at Top’s and found 2 more, I decided it was not worth the time nor few cents that I would save to make a second trip tomorrow. 

At Top’s I purchased 2 of the Bistro Favorites Ham that Hubby absolutely loves. I had 2 – $ .60/1 coupons that doubled. On my way to get the deli meat, I always check for the Crystal Light Peach. They have not had it in stock since March. Today they had a bunch so I picked up two. I recently found it at Walmart and purchased Hubby a case. I expect it to disappear quickly if we have another wave of this virus. My total at Top’s was $ 10.65. 

This is what I purchased at Aldi’s. I desperately needed the Romaine lettuce. I was out. 

My birthday is coming up so Hubby asked me what dessert I would want for that. My very favorite dessert is peanut butter pie. So he researched online and found a wonderful Keto peanut butter pie recipe that he is going to make me. The only ingredient that I needed was heavy whipping cream. The rest of the ingredients we have.

Every time I go I try to pick up the cranberry sauce, some 90 second rice, and the macadamia nuts for my stockpile. The macadamia nuts I am stockpiling in my freezer. The season is too short for them and I ran out this past year. 

The coffee was on sale and I can’t have enough coffee. My total for Aldi was $ 19.70.

So I am just spending $ 30.35 this week. I have been saving up grocery money the past few weeks for Thanksgiving sale shopping and some household items that I want. 

Hubby and I had a quiet weekend. There was lots of football on TV and our Buffalo Bills won their 4th straight game. I love this team and want them to do well. 

I spent Saturday working on another project. My largest pantry in the kitchen was a disaster. Every time I would come home from grocery shopping and I was tired, I would just throw everything in there. I would tell myself that I would sort it out later. Well, later never came.

I took 3 large bags of food out of there to go in my stockpile. I found duplicates of things I didn’t realize that I had so I kept buying them. This is what happens when things get out of control. It was so bad!

Just looking at the mess gave me major anxiety. I kept putting it off and putting it off. Saturday morning, I decided to get “a shovel” and dig it out. I took everything out and pulled those three bags of stuff to go in the big stockpile.

It is not totally completed. I had to order some things that I need to finish it up. But I will give you peeks and then when I am done, I will show you the finished product. 

This is a peek of my baking shelf and my breakfast shelf. I need more containers for some of these things. I may have some in the house or I may have to order them. I have to look in my storage. We have a lot of baking things because I am Keto and Hubby is not. 

This is the rack on my door which holds our sides that aren’t canned or frozen and some beans and other things in canning jars that we use.

These are our two dinner shelves along with some extra products to restock with and some paper towels.

I had two rolling racks for our cans. I hated them from the day we purchased them back in AZ. I only keep a few of each canned goods that we use a lot in our kitchen so things had to be stocked on those racks behind each other. I could not see what I had. So I bit the bullet and purchased a tiered can rack which is on it’s way here.

Not only am I doing our Fall cleaning but I am reorganizing everything so that we can find things easier. We are both getting older and I don’t want to have to hire help. Hubby has lots of help to do things in the yard. But I am still able to fully function around the house. As I age, I want to make sure that I can still do that. Hence lots of time spent getting things weeded out and made easier for the both of us. So this is why I have so many days lately not blogging. This all needs to be done and can not be put off. So please bear with me.

Are you getting any good deals this week? Or are you organizing or Fall cleaning too?