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Grocery Shop At Home

Grocery prices are so high that I don’t even want to shop anymore unless I see a remarkable sale. There is one coming this Sunday that I will not miss. Rarely can I say that these days.

Hubby and I were discussing the prices the other day. He has agreed to eat 99% of the time from our pantries, refrigerator, and freezer. Do we go out to eat regularly? Nope. Do we constantly buy fast food? Nope. Once in a rare while, we will get KFC chicken or an Arby’s roast beef and I always use coupons. We do that if we have had a very busy day. In Lent, we will get fish fries from Chiavetta’s. But that is it! It is so much cheaper and healthier to eat our own cooking.

We make all of our pizza using naan bread. We make our own Chinese food. I can’t even remember the last time that we ordered Chinese food. I think it was before Covid. On a rare occasion (maybe twice a year), we will get a sweet at the bakery owned by one of my neighbors. I haven’t even gotten bagels at Panera Bread in a very long time and I still have lots of gift cards. Maybe I will stop and get some next Tuesday for Hubby. He really likes them.

So we are going to eat up what we have here. We may end up having some weird sides when they get low. But we will make the best of it knowing that we are not spending our money and making these large corporations any richer than they already are. We are all getting poorer while they made billions off of us last year and the year before. And it continues and will continue into next year.

Will we ever buy? Yes, of course. Two times come to mind. Fresh produce and dairy products, etc. don’t keep for long. We need eggs, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, cheeses, and cream all of the time. But I will try to buy those only when they are on sale or cheap at Walmart or Aldi’s. I have enough butter to last me until the Thanksgiving sales. While I am thinking about Thanksgiving, I will be buying turkeys and other on sale stuff that is the cheapest during that holiday. I will not pass up a great sale especially on meat. Even though it is harder these days to track prices because they rise so often, I am still doing it. I need to know when I am getting a great deal!

Hubby is the only one eating bread so I will be baking it and freezing it. I can also make him muffins, quick breads, donuts, hamburger and hot dog rolls. He makes pancakes and waffles sometimes for our family Sunday breakfasts. West loves his apple cinnamon waffles.

We are able to make our own salad dressings and sauces when we run out of what we have.

While we are not shopping, I will be putting aside the budgeted money that we are not spending to refill the larders. Things will be expensive to replace but I will carefully watch for sales and cook most everything from just basic foods.

Once my canning jars come today, we should be set for the winter. I hate snow and ice so I will be staying home as much as possible.

The rest of my bins for the freezer came yesterday. So I moved a lot of the vegetables, fruits, shredded cheeses, tortilla wraps, yeast, jam, nuts, etc. to my upstairs freezer. All my meat got moved to the chest freezer.

I plan on sorting all of the meats and fish into the bins today. The things that I want to can today and tomorrow will go in the refrigerator Then I will quickly defrost my chest freezer using my hairdryer and plastic ice scraper. I will show you the results in a later post.

BTW, that piece of meat that I thawed the other day was two filet mignon’s that the butcher had cut and wrapped two together. I found another package just like it yesterday when I was going through my freezer. So Hubby grilled then the other night for dinner. It was a nice surprise.

Are you eating from your pantries and freezers?

Every Day

Last Grocery Haul This Winter & My Plans

In an attempt to save gasoline, I bundled a few errands yesterday. I went to get my booster shot at Walmart. My plan was to make a quick shop in the store but it was very crowded so I quickly left.

I went elsewhere to pick up some on sale meat, items for company that we will have the end of the month, and some treats for Hubby and I for the rest of the winter.

So on to Top’s I went. I got 9 of the Voortman’s SF cookies that Hubby and I love. They were on sale for $ 3.19 each. The Red Chocolate Bar was Free with an E-coupon that Top’s sent me. It has less calories and less sugar. It will be eaten when we need just a little piece of chocolate. The Queen Anne Cherry Cordials are for company and the fudge pops are for anyone who wants one.

Then I stopped at Aldi’s where I purchased 2 dozen eggs for $ 1.29 each( lowest price I could find), a quart of half and half creamer, a quart of heavy whipping cream, turkey tenderloins, a seasoned chuck roast that was on sale for $ 5.99 a lb. which totaled $ 14.50, some salami, prosciutto, and black forest ham, 2 sea salt Pita Chips, and some Artisan Flatbread.

The cold cuts will be used to make some antipasto which Hubby loves for brunch. This Flatbread makes the best pizza in just 9 minutes. So when we just have to have a cheat day, this is what we make. We love these turkey tenderloins and they are so easy. I just roast them in the toaster oven. The chuck roast will be cooked in the crock pot or Instant Pot when we are craving stew. Both meats will make many meals for us.

Now that it is snowy and freezing cold out, we will stay home as much as we can. I don’t like driving in the ice and snow. So we will only go out for doctor appointments and haircuts. We may be able to use Tele-Health for some of the doctor appointments and haircuts can be cancelled and rescheduled if it is a bad snow day.

I subscribe to Walmart Plus for grocery delivery so we will use that if we need a grocery order. It also includes free shipping on so I can get some items that way. I also use Amazon when I have a large enough order. I actually have some shipped orders coming today. I will show you those tommorrow.

The only time I will go out for food is if there is a rock bottom meat sale that I must stock up with and the roads are clear.

So do you avoid driving as much as possible in the winter? Did you get any good buys this week?