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Frugal Things March 30

These are the things we have done frugally today:

– Since I am an early riser, I made this first thing this morning for our snacks this week. It is sugar free raspberry jello which is easy. This is 2 packages and it will last us quite a few days. We put sugar free Cool Whip on it or not depending on our mood.

– I wanted to show you how we froze the chili last night. I have a stack of these reusable freezer to microwave covered bowls that I put leftovers in. It may be meat like the chili or leftovers that make a meal for one of us. The chili bowls have enough for a meal for two of us. So this will be two meals worth of chili. If we have a little meat, potatoes, rice, or steamed veggies leftover then I will make a frozen type dinner. When I have a few of them, we will pull two out for dinner depending on what each of us wants to eat that night. We waste nothing in this household. If you wonder what you can freeze for a meal, take a look in the freezer cases when you shop. If they can freeze it, you can freeze it.

– I had forgotten to enter my grocery delivery order on Fetch so I did that before it was too late. 

– We had no cooked bacon so I cooked a package in the oven. We don’t buy cooked bacon because it is so easy to do it yourself. We under cook it all because we put it in the fridge to heat up for breakfasts. That way when we heat it in the microwave each morning we can each cook it to the crispiness we like without overcooking it. I use foil instead of parchment paper because it keeps the pan cleaner and when the grease congeals, I can just roll up the foil and throw it out. Then the pan easily cleans up with some soap and water. 

– Our mail today brought us a nice package of coupons from Frito Lay. Last week Hubby opened a package of Poppables and they looked very dark and tasted awful. I called Frito Lay to ask what it was and they said they were burnt. They apologized and sent two Free coupons for any product and 2 coupons for $ 1.00 off a product. 

– I did both the treadmill and the bike today for 30 minutes each. I am so glad that we quit the YMCA because it is so convenient to do this at home. It has saved us $48. a month.

– I washed two loads of laundry today using laundry sanitizer in the wash and the dryer balls in the dryer.

– Dinner tonight was hot dogs with Hubby’s homemade chili. Hubby likes his on buns with some melted cheese on top. I like mine bunless with some brussel sprouts on the side. 

– Entertainment tonight will be a movie on showtime.

That’s it for frugality today. Please share with us what you did frugally today.

Every Day

Our Frugal Saturday

We have been extremely busy today. Hubby hired a company to fix our stone front on the house. Three of the ledge stones had fallen off. They wanted $800. to do the job. We said okay. That was back in May. They said they would do it when they got time. They have never come or called us. With winter upon us, Hubby decided to fix it himself. He did a lot of research this week to learn how to do it. This afternoon he has been working on it. He is an engineer so he built a contraption to hold the stones against the house while they dry in place. It is ingenious and seems to be working well.

This morning I cut up all of the leftover lasagna from Hubby’s birthday dinner. I used the food saver to package in up in 2 portion meals and put them in the freezer for future dinners. Two nights in a row was enough. It’s very rich. 

Then I made my next two weeks of menu plans. I like having to do this every two weeks instead of one. Sorry about the shadows on the first week.

Next I made my prep tray for dinner tonight. I do this every morning for meals that need prepping. That way when it is time to cook all I have to do is pull the tray out of the fridge. We are having chicken stir fry with onions, red, orange, and yellow peppers, and pineapple chunks. We will use a little of the stir fry sauce. Hubby will make rice to put on it in the rice cooker.  

After that I made a little homemade blueberry and banana ice cream and it is freezing in the freezer as I write this.

Then it was time to bring all of the items for our next two weeks of dinner meals up from the chest freezer. They all reside now in the first drawer of my fridge freezer. I also keep my yeast here for making bread.

On the left side of that drawer, I keep our breakfast items like chopped onions for our omelets and hash browns, sausage, bacon, orange juice to make cranberry orange muffins, and blueberries for muffins, smoothies, and pancakes. I also have two toaster waffles left from when my granddaughter was here. West will eat them next time he is here to visit for a weekend. 

Now I am about to go watch football with Hubby before I make dinner. 

How is your Saturday going?