Every Day

A Buffalo Fish Fry

When we moved to the Buffalo area, I had no idea that fish fries were such a big item. However during Lent, almost every restaurant and take out place has fish fries on Ash Wednesday and on Fridays. 

The first time we ordered one, I was in shock at how big the portions were for one individual person. Hubby and I would order 2 dinners and would each get a fish fry, 2 sides, a roll and butter, lemon wedges and tartar sauce. It soon became evident that it was way too much food. So we quit ordering the 2 fish dinners and just get 2 fish fries. And that is why we only eat a fish fry on the days we get them. It is plenty of food, almost too much. We have at times saved some for the next day. They reheat well. 

We just finished our fish and it was so delicious!

Are your fish fries in your area this big?