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A Birthday Celebration

Hubby’s birthday is next week! But we are celebrating it tomorrow because my son, DIL, and West are coming to dinner. Hubby won’t see them again until a week from Sunday. 

So we are having a cookout. It is an easy menu.
I picked up the fixings at Aldi’s and Top’s today. Here is what I purchased:


2 lbs. of Organic Grass Fed 85/15 hamburger  – $ 5.29 each = $10.58

1 Wavy Chips – $ 1.19

Bananas – @ $.44 a lb. = $ 1.06

Bag of Carrots – $.89

1 Mango – $ .89

2 Peaches – @ $ 1.39 a lb. = $ 1.61

Red Grapes – $ 3.72

Belly Bella Mushrooms – $ 1.29

Strawberries – $ 2.29

2 Cucumbers – $ .49 each = $ .98

1 Sour Cream – $ .89

1 Hamburger Rolls – $ .65

1 Brioche Rolls – $ 3.69

1 Half and Half – $ 1.55

Total was $ 15.33.

Top’s is where I got dessert. I already had the Chocolate Syrup. I am just showing you what we are having. I purchased:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Carrot Cake

Total was $ 13.83. Hubby loves Top’s Bakery Carrot Cake. The cake is small but big enough for 5 people. I am not even sure that I will eat any. I have candles for it. The chocolate syrup, of course, is to put on the ice cream.

I will cook hamburgers and/or cheeseburgers on the grill and saute mushrooms and onions for them. Everyone will have their choice of buns.

Earlier in the day, I will make a fruit salad and a veggie platter. We have other veggies in the fridge that I will be using too. I will be making homemade dill dip and ranch dip for the veggies and serving chips and pickles too. I think Hubby will really enjoy it.

My birthday is in October so we will go out to eat some day in between both of our birthdays for a little celebration.