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A Birthday Celebration

Hubby’s birthday is next week! But we are celebrating it tomorrow because my son, DIL, and West are coming to dinner. Hubby won’t see them again until a week from Sunday. 

So we are having a cookout. It is an easy menu.
I picked up the fixings at Aldi’s and Top’s today. Here is what I purchased:


2 lbs. of Organic Grass Fed 85/15 hamburger  – $ 5.29 each = $10.58

1 Wavy Chips – $ 1.19

Bananas – @ $.44 a lb. = $ 1.06

Bag of Carrots – $.89

1 Mango – $ .89

2 Peaches – @ $ 1.39 a lb. = $ 1.61

Red Grapes – $ 3.72

Belly Bella Mushrooms – $ 1.29

Strawberries – $ 2.29

2 Cucumbers – $ .49 each = $ .98

1 Sour Cream – $ .89

1 Hamburger Rolls – $ .65

1 Brioche Rolls – $ 3.69

1 Half and Half – $ 1.55

Total was $ 15.33.

Top’s is where I got dessert. I already had the Chocolate Syrup. I am just showing you what we are having. I purchased:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Carrot Cake

Total was $ 13.83. Hubby loves Top’s Bakery Carrot Cake. The cake is small but big enough for 5 people. I am not even sure that I will eat any. I have candles for it. The chocolate syrup, of course, is to put on the ice cream.

I will cook hamburgers and/or cheeseburgers on the grill and saute mushrooms and onions for them. Everyone will have their choice of buns.

Earlier in the day, I will make a fruit salad and a veggie platter. We have other veggies in the fridge that I will be using too. I will be making homemade dill dip and ranch dip for the veggies and serving chips and pickles too. I think Hubby will really enjoy it.

My birthday is in October so we will go out to eat some day in between both of our birthdays for a little celebration.

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We are having cheeseburgers for dinner tonight. I have been wanting one all week. I found Cumin at Aldi yesterday for 94¢, you just can't beat their prices. Hope your dh has a great birthday next week and you all enjoy the celebration tomorrow.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Happy birthday to hubby, your birthday dinner for him sounds wonderful. Our daughter's birthday is next week and I will be making a birthday dinner for her. Not sure yet what she wants.

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