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What We Did To Save Money This Week

I roasted the Free 16 lb. turkey that I got from B.J.’s last November. We have had it for 3 dinners so far this week and I will be making a big pot of turkey soup dinner tonight. I have already prepped all of the vegetables and cut up the turkey. After we ate dinner the first night, Hubby cut all of the turkey off the bone and broke down the bones, one leg(I like eating a leg), and the wings. The results of all the meat fit in this container. Then I put all of the bones and skin in the crockpot and cooked it for 14 hours. It made the most delicious turkey bone broth that you see in the picture. I will be using that in the soup when I cook it later this afternoon.

I received 2 rebate checks in the mail this week totaling $ 43.02. I will deposit them in our savings next week.

Hubby and I have done more work down in the basement this week getting rid of things we no longer need.

One night after dinner, Hubby opened the cabinet under the sink to throw a recyclable in the wastebasket that we keep under the sink for that purpose. He saw that water was flooding the cabinet. Fortunately, we keep a rubber sinkmat under there. It was full of water but had not yet overflowed. We sopped the water up with old towels and dried the mat so Hubby could get under there to find out what was leaking. It was the sink basket in the left sink and the pipe that held it. When he got the basket out of the sink, he found that rubber seal had disintegrated. He went to Home Depot and got a new basket, the pipe part that screws into it, and a tool to make it easier to do that. Total cost for all was $ 21.35. I can’t imagine what it would have cost to call a plumber if Hubby wasn’t handy.

We got our natural gas and electric bill two days ago for the past month. The total for 27 days was $235.66. We used 536 kwh’s of electricity and 114 ccf’s of natural gas. Hopefully, it will go down and down as soon as the warm weather gets here.

I did two loads of wash in cold water and hung most of it to dry. I do not hang towels.

Today, I finally felt like going out to get some on sale groceries. I went to Top’s because they had a three day sale which was 3 coupons. Two of them I wanted to use. I purchased a Italian shredded cheese blend that was $.99 with one of the coupons. The other coupon I used was for 200 extra gasoline points when I spent $35. or more. I was not passing that up because our gasoline prices have skyrocketed the past couple of days. Every little bit helps!

I also purchased 2 Smithfield smoked sausage for $7.00 for both. Hubby found a recipe on You Tube that he wants to try. I don’t think I have purchased this sausage since we lived in AZ. So it will taste good for a change. I used a Super Coupon to buy the bacon for $3.99.

The last thing I purchased was 3.30 lbs. of wild caught boneless skinless haddock fillets. It was on sale for $ 8.99 a lb. and the regular price was $ 52.77. But the sale price was $29.67 and I used a $3.00 coupon from their flyer to bring my cost down to $ 26.67. This is going to save us a lot of money! The fillets were about the size of the fish fries that I got on takeout last week for about $25.00 for the two of us. For $ 1.67 more I can make 3 meals for us. So this fish purchase along with other fish in our freezer should get us through Lent. I used the food saver to put it in three air tight packages.

We have watched the NCIS’s and FBI’s for entertainment this week. Other than that, I just did some usual cleaning.

Did you save any money this week?

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Hi Precious, glad to see you are ok. You had a busy week. I wrote you about our week, but thought I would share some of my shopping. I went to Kroger and got 10 lb potatoes for 3.77. Milk was on sale for 1.29 for 1/2 gallons. Turkey breast was 1.49 lb. I just got one big one since I still have several in daughter’s freezer. Will cook this weekend. I got a package of free flour tortillas also. Otherwise I got my usual stuff. I didn’t need as much this week so spent $75 instead of my usual amount.

Today we had little granddaughter and took her to the library and ate peanut butter sandwiches at home for lunch, so didn’t spend any money. Hubby and I did go out to eat for supper, but it was the only time we had gone out this month. We spent $66 with tip but brought some food home for lunch. We went to Dollar Tree and Half Price Books afterwards to poke around a little and got some needed stationery items at both places. We also found a jigsaw puzzle and also got some little play items for the little girls that they can use on our trip this summer on the plane or the cruise. Between the 2 places we spent about $30. The jigsaw puzzle was the only real impulse item and it was $7.50. I didn’t realize HPB had them and we will definitely look for them there b/c their prices are good for them. They also have high quality note cards that are good prices too. FYI for you and your readers.

Hubby likes turkey legs also, and we get and like the Eckrich turkey smoked sausage if it is available in your area.

Hi Chris,

I never got your email. At least I can’t find it! I am truly sorry.

What a great deal on the potatoes, milk tortillas, and turkey breast. Enjoy that turkey. We truly are enjoying ours. The soup is delicious.

Isn’t it nice that you can get an extra meal when you go out? I loved HPB when we lived in AZ. Enjoy the puzzle. I have never seen Eckrich here.

Thanks for sharing!

Let’s see:
• Turned heat and water heater off every day when I left to go to work.
• Used fireplace when home for heat and left electric heat off.
• Left heat off at night while sleeping. I sleep better in a very cold house. House got as low as 55 degrees on a 24 degree outside night.
• Took lunch and water to work every day. Ate dinner at home every night – lots of eggs, salad, bacon, tuna, leftovers.
• Had donut day for Valentines Day at work. Had a donut a couple of times. Sure made me feel sluggish later but was good going down.
• I cook like I still have a house full. A crockpot of chicken breast. What I did not eat, I put in the freezer for the future.
• Had my car serviced. 2 leaky tires patched and all rotated, brakes checked, and oil change service. I have to drive an hour aways for this because I work for a tire company and this service is free or heavily discounted. I have about 4 more months on the tires and brakes before they have to be replaced, but I get 50% off tires and 30% brakes so I will plan for that.
• While in the town to get my car serviced, I decided to drive on up another 30 miles to the nearest Sam’s Club and do a pick up of items that they don’t ship and I need. I got enough last for 4 months. I’ll plan another trip when I go to get my tires replaced. Planning the Sam’s trip along with the car service trip saved me 140 miles and a full day. I also picked up the frits and salad veggies needed while there – much cheaper than anywhere else, except Aldis blueberries are cheaper this week.
• Kohl’s is located next to Sam’s Club. I had a purchase that needed to be returned so I did that while there.
• Took my water, breakfast, and lunch (boiled eggs, bacon, string cheese) with me on the trip so I wouldn’t spend money eating out.
• I let Apple maps take me the back roads between destinations rather than the interstate. Miles were shorter, but it was a route I have never been before. I live in Kentucky and this route had beautiful board fences, stone fences, stone houses, huge houses, lots of horses to look at. I enjoyed the slower pace and scenery. It was good for my soul.
• Washed the dirt from a rainy week off my car to keep her looking pretty. 😊
• Got a free jacket and two t-shirts from work this week. Jacket is fleece lined rain jacket. So very comfortable.
• It is annual bonus time at work. The bonus was WAAAAYYYYY below what everyone expected and I was very disappointed (as everyone is and I expect some resignations of some people when payout happens). Fortunately, I do not include this bonus in any of my budget planning. It goes immediately into a CD. I keep reminding myself that the bonus is NOT guaranteed and all the great things about my job and the company I work for, so that I won’t be so disappointed. I have worked at other places that I have PTSD from being treated so badly.
• Electric bill was $265. Previous bill was $170. This was the time period that we had a week of severely cold weather and my pipes froze AND I was home 24/7 for 10 days straight. Actually, I was pretty happy with this. Haven’t gotten my water bill yet. This one I am interested to see so that I can estimate how much water I had from the broken pipe.
• Got the first payment from insurance for the water damage.
• I bought a bread maker. Amazon had theirs on sale, so I thought I would buy one and try making bread.
• I really wanted a DQ ice cream this week, but I resisted.
That is all I can think of right now.

HI Wendy,

Wow! You have been busy! I love the way you save on your heat. Your dinners sounded yummy! Lots of protein which is so goof for all of us.

Sugar always makes me feel sluggish. I try not to eat any of it but ice cream is hard.

I am glad that I am not the only one who still cooks for any army. That is the reason we eat so many of the same meals in a row.

That is a great discount on the car stuff. It is so expensive.

You are smart to run your errands while getting other things done. Might as well make good use of that gasoline.

I love that you took the back roads. It is amazing how beautiful it can be. When we go to our son’s in the mountains, we get off the thruway many miles from his home. There are so many nice stables and horse farms.

You just reminded me to get the car washed while I am out this week. Thanks!

I think may people did not get the raises and bonuses they expected this year. The economy is not good even though they try to tell us it is,

Not a bad electric bill. Hopefully, we will start getting smaller ones as the weather warms up,

I think you will enjoy your breadmaker.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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