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Happy Fourth of July Weekend

It looks like a long weekend ahead. I hope that you can all have a great time with your families. Stay safe, eat well, have fun!

Hubby and I will be staying home and indoors. The smoke from Canada came in with a vengeance overnight yesterday and is still here in Buffalo. It was so bad yesterday that you could see it at ground level and smell it. They hope it will go away about midnight tonight but won’t really know until it happens. I had to get a prescription my doctor ordered for me and you can bet I wore my N95 mask. Didn’t think I would ever have to wear them again. But I was very glad that I had it.

I have a very bad sinus infection and that is why you haven’t seen me posting on here. It started last week and the pressure from the pain kept getting continually worse. Finally I called my doctor on Tuesday. He was very concerned that I had Covid 19 but after a test, it was negative. So he determined it was a bad sinus infection. I am on a strong antibiotic for 10 days. I have been told to push fluids, take my medication and rest. If I don’t feel better in a few days, I am to call him. So I am following his orders because I want to be well.

But in the meantime, I will be working on a whole bunch of financial and frugal posts for you that I will post every couple of days after the 4th. I can type while I rest in between naps. Too many people need help and I will be here to tell you what I would do and what I will be doing in the future to try to stem the bleeding from this inflation. It is hurting all of us no matter what income group you fall in. Our wallets are getting lighter while the corporations are making billions.

So enjoy your holiday and I will see you soon!

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Unfortunately, in California, we are all too familiar with the wildfire smoke challenges. We’ve gone close to 30 days with unhealthy levels of smoke before, and it’s absolutely miserable. Hope yours dissipates quickly!

Hi HP,

I know what the fires are like out there, we were used to them in AZ. I hope yours ends soon. It is so hard to breathe. At least in AZ, they fought them. Do they do that in CA or just let them burn? Here in the Northeast, we have not had wildfires so it is new to us. The problem is that Trudeau is just letting them burn. Ridiculous.

You and your family have a good 4th!!

Hi Precious, boy I sure am sorry that you are not feeling well with a sinus infection. Especially in this weather. I am so glad you had the mask to go get your prescription. I have to take the 10 day course of antibiotics sometimes also, as you know. Hoping you have yogurt to eat to help your gut, that is something I try to eat when I am on them. I will pray the meds help and you don’t have to go get IV antibiotics. I am so glad you didn’t have Covid.

We have the smoke also here, but it is supposed to be better tomorrow. I went and got my groceries this morning like I usually do on Thursdays. I had some good dollar off your whole order coupons from the Kroger Fresh Mode program so saved more than I spent. The sales were good since it is the holiday weekend so I got some extra meat and condiments to have when they are not on sale.

We have many family birthdays in the upcoming month. Son is having a big birthday party at his house this weekend and hubby got 2 big pork shoulders to smoke. They were on sale last week for 1.49/lb. He also made 2 different kinds of homemade bbq sauce. I have to laugh at all the condiments he has in our fridge, it reminds me of your hubby and his condiments. LOL! I am also going to make the Asian slaw with the ramen noodles to take.

The other birthdays coming up are: hubby, little granddaughter, son in law, nephew who moved to town, and nephew’s girlfriend. It will be quite a month of celebrations. Happy 4th of July to you and hubby, and rest as much as you can. I am glad you are going to write some posts to survive these inflationary times. I know they will help people, including me. 🙂

Hi Chris,

Thanks for everything! I do have yogurt here if I need it. However, I have to take 2 Florastor capsules every day whenever I take an antibiotic or it totally ends up destroying my gut. The bad bacteria go to town. Ever since I got C Diff after my one knee surgery I have had to do that.

Good for you on your grocery shop.

Happy Birthday to every one. Smoked pork I love. Enjoy that! Good price on them too. I love making BBQ sauce. MY Mother in-law taught me how. Our ondiments in the fridge are going down because I am attempting to use them up. LOL!

Thanks for the good wishes. Enjoy your 4th. If the smoke clears out of here, I will have Hubby grill a steak.

The inflation has really been on my mind lately. Especially when I was at the grocery store recently and walked out without about 1/2 of the items on my list because I refused to pay the high prices. People need help.

Precious, so sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. That’s also unfortunate with the Canadian smoke. On such a wonderful, long holiday weekend to boot! UGH!
We’re all stocked up here with burgers, franks, watermelon and pre-made Cole slaw, potato salad and macaroni salad. I hope to not cook till July 5th. LOL!
Take care. feel better.

I hope you feel better, SOON!
I took the 30th as a vacation day so a 3 day weekend of cleaning and cleaning. I think everything from windows, walls and floors to the dogs are now clean at least for a little bit (living on a dirt road has its challenges). Chris has been working 3.5 hours away during the week but home on the weekends, doing the field mowing and spraying for grasshoppers, also rolling out asphalt when he can borrow the big roller. I spent the beginning of last week cleaning and prepping the room we were renting out to a slob in preparation for guests, thankfully Chris bartered his woodworking skills (build a bench/table for an airstream trailer)for the painting of that room. So, a deep clean, new paint, carpets cleaned and new blinds and its ready for guests.

Hi Patti,

I am on the mend. Just three more days of antibiotics.

Wow! You got a lot done. It looks like Chris is working hard too.

So sorry that you had a slob in there. I know how heart breaking that can be. Family ran into that issue but they didn’t pay the rent either and had to be evicted. That took forever! I am glad the room is beautiful now.

I hope you took some time to enjoy the 4th. How is your weather out there?

Amazing weather! 75-85 and sunny with a random storm in the afternoon/evening. We opted not to get A/C this year so I hope we don’t get much warmer 🙁

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