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My Imperfections, etc.

Well, I just proved that I am not perfect again!

We got our natural gas and electric bill yesterday for the past month. Our meter reader did the reading this time. The total bill was $ 50.27.

Right away, I knew there was something wrong. In all the years that we have lived here, we have never had a bill that low. The electricity bill showed we only used 7 KWH for 33 days. The natural gas was only 14 ccf’s for 33 days. Since the meter reader read it, I knew it was correct. I also double checked the readings since we had only gotten home Tuesday afternoon and I knew there wouldn’t be much usage for 1 day.

I did the reading last month and submitted it. Evidently, I read it wrong. So I paid for most of this past month in that bill. The sun was shining on the dials and I remember coming into the house and telling Hubby that I thought I had read it right. I guess I didn’t. I even called my utility company to verify all of this. They agreed with me that I read it wrong for the prior bill. So again I prove that I am not perfect. But it sure is nice to have such a small bill this month. I will try not to make that mistake again.

Yesterday, I meant to put a few pictures up. A couple were of Alexa’s ice cream cake and one of the nice fire we had that evening. So for your viewing pleasure, here they are 🙂

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Hi Precious, that was a nice surprise about your gas/electric bill. Better than the other way. LOL! And, the ice cream cake looks SO good. Yum!

Precious, as uncaring as this may sound, sometimes the only way people can properly learn about money, is to suffer from it. If it wasn’t for my own discord, I never would have succeeded financially. Proper money management just can’t be taught in a classroom. Real experience is the key. People are going to learn some very hard lessons soon, if not already. I didn’t fully learn till 2001, at the age of 50! People will learn, master and overcome. And be all the more better for it. We can lead a horse to water but we can’t make the horse drink. We set the example. Now we wait for the followers. Lead by example. They’ll get the hang of it.

Hi Cindi,

Congrats! I know many people who never learn till it is too late. You are correct that experience is the greatest teacher. We learned together but we studied using books what we should do way back in the late seventies. We had goals back then like retiring before we were 65 because Hubby’s Dad died before he could enjoy retirement. I grew up with a single Mom in a household of my grandparents, my mom and my sister. There was not a lot of money but by watching my grandmother pinch a penny, I learned a lot. Hubby’s mother was also very frugal and taught me how to cook from scratch. Everything they taught me was the biggest help back in the 1970’s when Carter screwed the economy up. We leaned from there.

What a journey! For me personally I had to lose it all and then work my way back. My parents bought always on sale but I didn’t learn much other than that from them. Thanks for sharing.

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