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Frugal Things That We Have Been Doing

We did not have to replace the furnace when the new central A/C was installed on Friday. When they installed the new coil in the furnace, the firebox was in perfect condition so it did not need to be replaced. That saved us an additional $ 6,000. They were going to install a new thermostat but Hubby looked at the literature that came with it first. The one we had was a much better one. Many more programmable settings on ours. However since the new one came with the A/C, we have kept it in case ours dies at some point. It also came with a filter that we didn’t use since Hubby had just changed the filter recently. We just added it to our pile of filters.

When I was opening windows this weekend because the weather was so beautiful, I noticed that one of our screen’s clips had broken off. That makes it hard to keep the screen on. It has 4 but now we were down to 3. I asked Hubby if he thought we could get a replacement part. He went to the website of the company who made the screens to see if he could get them. He could and he was able to also get the rod that he needs to install them. So since we have a lot of windows in this house with screens, we purchased 20 of each of those items. Since they are made of plastic, the sun and weather are doing a job on them. So we will be prepared if any more break. The items plus shipping cost us under $17.00. That is a cheap fix.

Hubby was going to grill filet mignon one night for us again. We wanted baked potatoes with them. No one around here has the big baking potatoes. So I had to settle for smaller baking potatoes. Instead of heating up the house with the oven, I cooked them in the air fryer. Same temperature and time as my convection oven. But I baked 4 of them instead of 2. That way I can make a potato salad for a side later in the week.

I cooked fresh mushrooms for the fillets. I sliced them very thin so that they would only take a few minutes to saute on the stove. I didn’t want to use much gas. I do this with most sauteed onions and veggies too.

The potatoes were so dirty so I filled up a bowl with cold water and soaked and then scrubbed them to clean them. I used the cleaning water to water our hanging baskets on our porch. With our sprinkler system up and running now for the season, I will save water any way I can. I reuse shower warm up water and any other water that I can for more than one thing. Since our rates went up in the past year, it is important to save as much as we can on water.

They tested our A/C when they installed it. We have not had to turn it on yet. It was 78 here yesterday and was completely comfortable in whatever room we were in just using the ceiling fans. It will be be 84 today and 86 tomorrow, so we will see how long we can keep it off. We have all the windows closed in the house today and all curtains down on the sunny windows and the house has stayed at a comfortable 72. If the temperature goes up in here and becomes uncomfortable for us, we will turn it on. But I am trying to keep it off as long as we can to save on the electric bill.

Hubby is putting a second coat of the chemicals on the bent grass this afternoon. This should get rid of all of the rest of it and then he can use the Sun Joe to get it up, add top soil, and reseed. The landscape company wanted way too much money to do this for us. We are saving hundreds by doing it ourselves.

We have a lot of appointments this week so I do not know when I will get my grocery shopping done. Fortunately, I only have a few Memorial Day sale items to get to restock us at two different stores.

Hubby cooked chicken piccata the other night for dinner. We had all the ingredients except the capers. I was not about to make a special trip to the market to get them. So he made it without them and we just sprinkled a little salt on each of our plates. It was delicious. What is pictured fed the two of us.

How have you saved money the past couple of days?

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Hi Precious, your flowers look pretty and I am glad your HVAC stuff came out ok. We had a good holiday weekend. Hubby planted some more of his garden, we took a walk in nature at one of the local parks, and we had the little girls for a sleepover. We ate in for supper, but hubby took them to get donuts for breakfast while I stayed home to fry bacon and scrambled eggs. I used the leftover eggs in the tuna salad I made for supper tonight. We did end up turning our AC on yesterday. Hubby didn’t smoke anything last weekend since we had leftovers to eat from the week.

We are going to Costco tomorrow evening to get the last things we need for our neighborhood happy hour on Fri. Hubby made a nice flyer that I took around to the houses. He is taking Fri off to help get things set up. We will just have little granddaughter for part of the day. Older granddaughter will be at camp. Little granddaughter is learning to pedal her bike, but she can’t do pedaling and steering at the same time yet, so we help her. LOL!

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I never would have thought to put scrambled eggs in tuna. Something new you have taught me. Your granddaughter will put it all together on the bike soon. It just takes time.

I had never heard of having a Happy Hour in the neighborhood. Thanks sounds like fun.

We ended up having to put our A/C on last night. It was too hot and going to be worse today.

Thanks for sharing.

Your chicken piccata looks delicious. I’ll eat capers, but I’m not a huge fan, so I’m always fine with skipping them. 🙂

We’ve been up to the normal stuff: charging our electric car for free at work + taking it on our longer drives, eating breakfast & lunch for free at work.
Our garden is also growing, so I was able to give away a bunch of lettuce we weren’t using, and we’re making lots of salads with it as well. We made a delicious caprese salad (x2) with all of our basil. And, we have artichokes that are ready to pick. They can be tricky to grow, so I’m excited to see them.

Hi HP,

Thank you! I am curious. How may miles can you drive without charging it? I need to go 290 miles to go to my son in the Eastern part of the state.

I love that you get two meals for free at work. I would love to get your lettuce. I bet whoever is getting it loves it. I am not growing a garden this year We have enough tomatoes canned for three years. Chives come back every year and we love them. Yum on your caprese salad.

Thanks for sharing.

Our car can go 300 miles on a charge! It’s got a really great range, so we typically charge it a couple of times per week. If we really needed to (or, if we were doing the distance you described), we’d stop for lunch & charge for 90 minutes or so (it doesn’t have the ultra fast charging like a Tesla), and then keep going. You’d then want to find a place to charge upon your arrival.

Wonderful news on the furnace!
Well, Chris spent the weekend spreading free asphalt making a parking pad for the multitude of trailers/RV’s that he has accumulated anything left will be used in the dirt driveway and parking area. Every year we get several dump loads and spread it as far as we can. Heat was turned off 2-3 weeks ago and our electric bill was already down 91.00. Hoping to get it under 300.00/mo for June-October. We decided to pass on getting A/C this year (hoping to pay off all debt) so maybe more fans I hope we don’t have a bunch of 100deg days.

Hi Patti,

Thank you. Nice on the free asphalt and I love DIY. I am wishing that you don’t get 100 degree days too. YIKES! We got ours in just in time. We were 80 yesterday and may break 90 today and tomorrow. Our A/C is on.

I wish you luck on your goal to get the bills down. Congratulations on paying off debt.

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