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My First Memorial Day Grocery Shop

They had a few sales this week at Top’s for Memorial Day. However, I have seen the flyer that starts next Sunday and the sales are better. So I just picked up a few things yesterday that were good sale prices.

The Hellmann’s was $ 4.99. I was getting low on this. The Maxwell House coffee was on B1G1F so they ended up costing $7.49 for 2. The Triscuits were $ 1.59 after sale and coupon.

The 80/20 ground beef was on sale for $ 2.99 a lb. with the Super Coupon. So it ended up costing me $ 18.51 for 6.19 lbs. This will give us 12 meals which should be all we need for the summer. I portioned it out into 12 packages of about 1/2 lb. each. We only use it for hamburgers and taco salad.

The package of Sahlen’s Hot Dogs has 3 lbs. Those cost $ 10.99. We don’t eat a lot of hot dogs so they will last 6 months.

Lastly, the Oscar Mayer bacon was on sale B1G1F so it cost me $10.59 for the two packages.

My total for this week’s grocery shop was $ 54.16. We have been doing a lot of eating out of our freezers the past few weeks.

Did you get any good Memorial Day sales this week? Please share with all of us.

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I also shop at Tops so I am intrigued by mention of next week’s sale. I got the hamburger, Smith’s hot dogs, the Triscuits, and the hotdog buns.

I saw 5 packages of hamburger in the 5/19.99 section with yellow stickers on them. But I did the math and the super coupon was better.
The single packages were between .87 and .91 lbs, the single packages were 3.20 a lb.


The only item I found was soda 3/15 with a 2.00 coupon netting it down to 3/13 so I will get 3. Picked up steaks at Costco that will end up 8.00 each when we butterfly them. Sliced/shredded cheese and Prego we got for $.97 ea last week.

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