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Wednesday’s Frugal Things

Breakfast was eggs and ham that I froze from our Christmas ham. It was a nice change from bacon.

After taking care of some bills, I ran some errands. I picked up a prescription and a Dr. Scholl’s for Hubby. Then I filled up the SUV with gasoline since we only had 68 miles of gas left. I do not like to keep the tank that low in winter. I paid $ 3.35 per gallon since I had no gas points due to not grocery shopping much this month.

My last stop was at Top’s to pick up some sale items. I purchased celery for $2.00, 2 packages of strawberries on B1G1F or $ 5.99 for both, and a top round roast on sale for $4.99 a lb. costing $ 20.36. My total for all was $ 28.35.

Hubby goes through a lot of celery for snacks. He dips it in dill dip. We both love strawberries with SF whipped topping as a dessert. The roast was a great price for my area. I will roast it for dinner one night and the rest will be sliced on the meat slicer for cold cuts. I can’t buy roast beef cold cuts here for less than $13.99 a lb. I much prefer to save money by roasting my own.

When I got home, Hubby said he felt well enough to cut my hair today. He did a really nice job. I was very pleased! He even cleaned up all the hair that was everywhere on the rug in front of the sink in the kitchen. I will be coloring my hair at home this week. I have not been coloring my hair and it has grown in about 2-3 inches and is white. I don’t like it because it washes me out. I look way too pale. Not going to the salon will save us a fortune every year. Hubby is still going to the barber every 7 weeks. The barber cuts it very short each time. The barber with tip is only $16.00.

I had to do a load of clothes this afternoon because Hubby was running out of clothes. He doesn’t have too many that fit him right now and he doesn’t want to buy much until he is down to his goal weight. So I washed them on the eco cycle in cold water and hung some of them to dry. A few were permanent press so I dried them in the dryer on a medium heat using my wool laundry balls. They only took 25 minutes to dry.

Before I made dinner, Hubby and I watched 2 of the 3 FBI’s that were on last night. We may watch the other one after dinner.

We are having taco salads using ground turkey instead of ground beef for dinner. The ground turkey is much cheaper to buy than the ground beef that I buy and tastes delicious with hot and spicy taco seasoning. We put it on romaine lettuce, chopped fresh tomatoes, sliced red onion, diced black olives, and then top the meat with Mexican shredded cheese and sour cream.

What did you do today to save money?

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Hi Precious. Good frugal day. I still cut hubby’s hair. Had never thought of having him cut mine. I never got in the habit of coloring my hair. It is more salt and pepper now than it used to be before I had chemo 7 years ago. I guess I am older too, so that might be another reason. LOL!

I went to Kroger to do my regular grocery shopping today. I spent 79.67 and saved 36.80. I kept to my list and bought mostly things that were on sale in the ad this week. I went to aisle 46, which has the clearance area, and only bought 1 box of cheez-it’s, which hubby loves, for 1.99. I thought he could have it for a treat when he takes his lunches for work. They had a whole bunch of boxes of them, but I had gotten some other clearance snacks recently, so wasn’t tempted to get more.

Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet day. I went to my class at the Y and we ate leftovers for supper. We had gone out to eat at a local restaurant last night for “Restaurant Week” in our town, and brought enough food home to eat tonight too. It was soul type food and was delicious. We will definitely go back to this place. I wish you were close by so we could go together. We didn’t get the amount of snow the weather people were predicting, but I think you got it. Stay warm.

Hi Chris,

I bet he could do it for you. Hubby cut mine when the children were at home. He always cut my two boys every week. Since they were in private school which was military, they needed a cut every week or they would get demerits. Hubby hadn’t done mine in years now so I think he was a little nervous but he did a fantastic job!

That is a great savings on your grocery shop especially in this day and age. Two meals for the price of one is my kind of eating. YUM! I wish I was closer to you too! It would be fun! Yes, we got 8 inches so far. It is not snowing now but I haven’t seen the forecast so I don’t know if we will get more.

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