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No Waste On Baking Day

In our quest to waste nothing, I used up 5 bananas to make these two loaves of banana bread. I somehow lost my recipe so this is a new one we tried. It is one of the best we have ever eaten. As you can see we have already shared a piece. That loaf we will work on for breakfasts. Then when my son and granddaughter come, I will pull the other one out of the freezer for a big breakfast that I am planning. If anyone is interested in the recipe, I got it at .

I woke up to this beautiful sky on Monday. The pinks and blues with the sun peaking through was magnificent. Our sunsets have been gorgeous too.

Not much other news right now. I have been getting ready for my family to come this week. We haven’t seen them in 3 months so we are really looking forward to it.

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Hi Precious. I made banana bread this week also. It was good. I will email you my recipe in case you want to try it. It is from our church cookbook and is very easy to make.

Yesterday was cool here so I decided to make a pot of chili using tomatoes from hubby’s garden and meat from our beef. Yum!

Enjoy every minute with your son and granddaughter. I know how you miss them. 🙂

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