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Frugal Things Recently

Here are the frugal things we have been doing:

  • We have Walmart + for grocery delivery. Yesterday, they added Paramount + streaming service free as one of their benefits for belonging. Hubby and I have already binged watched 3 episodes of “1883” which is the prequel to “Yellowstone”.
  • Hubby sharpened the blades on our John Deere riding lawn mower instead of sending it out to be done.
  • For dinner one night, we tried an Old El Paso Dinner Kit that I got on a sale back in 2020. It got lost in my kitchen pantry. The expiration date was February 2021. It was the Japanese one and it was delicious. The tortillas that came with it were in a sealed mylar bag so I knew they would be just fine. Mylar keeps things fresh for years. All I added to it was about 3/4 of a pound of diced chicken breast and a medium onion sliced. Hubby loved it. So I checked out the ingredients and realized how easy it would be to make from scratch. So that is how we will make it from now on. I actually have all of the items needed to do that in my pantry. We do have leftovers for a lunch.
  • My garden is producing tomatoes so well that I have had enough to can a few batches for sauce.
  • We have made an appointment with the local business that we use to have our furnace checked out before heating season. We want to make sure that it is in tip top condition over the winter. I found a coupon for that to be done for $ 69.
  • Hubby finally took back the bottles to Fast Cash that have been stacking up in the garage for months. He got $ 9.10 back in deposits. While he was out he also filled up our gas cans. It was on his route.
  • I went to the grocery store just once this week for some fresh produce and combined that trip with a trip to the drug store to pick up a prescription.
  • We have had another string of rainy days so we didn’t have to use the sprinkler system. We already got our quarterly water and sewer bill which was for most of the summer through the end of August. It was $253. Now that things have cooled off we should not have to water things for much longer and our next three bills should be back to normal which is about $60.
  • We are still doing a great job of not wasting any food. It is just too expensive to throw any of it away. I had some onions that needed to be used up so I diced them and froze them for future use.
  • My son and grandson will be coming to breakfast tomorrow. I have plenty of eggs but I think all of the bacon is gone because we have been eating a lot of BLT’s to use up fresh tomatoes. I will just grab some sausage out of the freezer to thaw. I have a couple of almost empty bags of shredded cheese to use up. I am thinking I will put those in the eggs.
  • I only did one load of wash this week using cold water and half the amount of detergent that it says to use on the bottle. I hung the clothes to dry.

What have you done recently to save some money?

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Hi Precious. I had the AC off some days this week when I could, so that will help with the electric bill. I was interested to see your water bill. Ours for the summer has been a little more, but not a bunch. We are billed monthly. Is your trash pick up included in your bill? Ours is.

I was able to take advantage of a good sale at Meijer this week. They have changed the “10/$10 get the 11th item for free” to “buy 7 or more and get everything for $1 each” sale and pint blueberries were part of the sale, as were Eckrich hot dogs. I got several of the blueberries to freeze for the winter for pancakes, and keep just a couple of hot dogs in the freezer in case we want to have a cookout. Kroger didn’t have a great ad this week so I didn’t spend all my grocery budget. I have seen their ad for next week already and will use the extra for chicken and salmon if we get those meat deals in our ad.

I saw the Paramount Plus add on for the Walmart + this morning and was going to mention to you if you didn’t know already. Hubby has Paramount Plus b/c he loves some of the CBS shows and Star Trek so we have had for awhile. Our older granddaughter also likes to watch Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. Hubby has the no commercials version, but I did see he can pay yearly and save $20 over monthly so I told him. I looked at the Walmart + to see if it would be worth it for us, but not sure. Do you have to tip the driver when you do the grocery delivery? I think it makes huge sense for you to do the grocery delivery since the winters where you are get bad.

Hi Chris,

Yeah on the a/c. No that bill is only water and sewer. Out trash pickup is a yearly charge on our property tax bill. When we get that bill in January, I will let you know what it is. I like that Meijer deal. Blueberries for $1.00 is fantastic. Yes, I tip the delivery driver always. They don’t make a lot of money since gas prices are so high. I always give 10-15%. The drivers tell me that most people don’t tip. I think that is awful. These people have bills too. If I couldn’t afford to tip them, I would do pickup. I love grocery delivery especially in the winter. But I use it all year round for items that I can’t get on sale elsewhere. A lot of items are just too heavy for me to carry anymore. Especially sodas that my Hubby and grandchildren drink. You had a good week! Thanks for sharing.

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