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Saving Money Every Way We Can

When I got up one night this week, I noticed that the A/C was constantly running even though it was 61 degrees outside. I thought that was peculiar so when Hubby got up I told him. He checked the thermostat and noticed that he had accidentally left the fan on when he changed the batteries in the thermostat that day. He switched it over to auto and everything then seemed to be running correctly.

However I went down into the basement later that day and noticed a puddle of water in front of the furnace. Hubby went down to see what the problem was. After turning everything off, the first thing he did was pour some water into the drain pipe you see in the picture to make sure that it was flowing properly. It was and there was no leak.

The next thing he did was open the furnace door. That is when he noticed where the water was leaking from.

The pipe that you see on the right side had popped out. When they installed it over 12 years ago they used some silicone to tighten things up. The silicone had warn away. Hubby cleaned and tightened everything up and applied new silicone.

As you can see the water is drying up. When it is totally dry, we will clean up the floor. I have been going down when the A/C turns on and making sure that the puddle it not coming back. It is not and we will watch it for another couple of days to make sure.

This would have cost us more than $100. for a service call and probably another $50. for the repair if not more. And the thought of going without A/C was stressing me out.

Hubby always assesses the situation before he calls someone else to repair things. That has saved us a bundle over the years! In these times, with parts for almost everything being in short supply, it pays to have the items you need to make repairs for just about everything. Hubby is getting some new pipe and fittings in case there is another issue.

Since today is Sunday, we are taking it easy. Two nights ago, I made fajitas with a chipotle and lime sauce. We ate them for two dinners and will finish them up today for lunch. We waste nothing.

Dinner tonight will be grilled hamburgers with tomatoes, red onion, and lettuce. I am thawing the hamburger for those and then I will take the rest of the thawed meat, cook it, and freeze it in food saver bags to use in a casserole.

My garden is doing okay. On 4 plants I have 15 tomatoes that have not started to turn red yet. We will most likely eat them fresh unless they all ripen at once. Then I will can some.

I am on the hunt for flats of tomatoes to can. The best place to buy them around here is the Mennonite store or Niagara Produce. I am also keeping my eye on prices to get the best deal.

So what have you been doing to save some money in these inflationary times?

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Hi Precious, great job for hubby. My hubby does the same when we have something that needs repair. It sure has saved a lot of money over the years. I did buy some canned cat food, but not on a deal. So at least we have a couple of boxes. I bought a bridal shower gift on the Amazon prime days, and it arrived in good time. I was also invited to a baby shower and went in on a gift with daughter and some other folks, so didn’t have to shop or wrap. Had a frugal fail the day little granddaughter was here. By the time she left my brain was fried so we went out to eat instead of cooking that night. Otherwise things have been quiet here. I am still using the same tank of gas that we filled up when we got the meat in late June. Oh, I forgot, our water bill for June was also a lot higher than it usually is: $100 vs $65. Hubby has had to do some extra watering b/c of the garden, and one of our lawn treatments he needed to water in. I also have been filling the pool or water table for the little girls a few times, but we do try to use that water on the garden after they go.

Hi Chris,

Sometimes you just have to go out! I hope you enjoyed it. We are in the same boat with water. We have to water the lawn and gardens too. I expect a very high bill but we only get one every three months. Yeah on making the gas last. We have not done so well but we have had lots of appointments to go to.

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