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My Meat Bargain Today

Since it is grilling season here, I have been looking for a deal on good steaks. My store has these T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks on sale for B1G1F. They were $17.99 a lb. which I would not pay for on a regular basis.

However at about $ 9.00 a lb., I will. So I got two of each kind this morning because that is all they had at 8am. The butcher shop was just opening so I assume that they will put more out in the meat counter soon.

But 4 is just fine for us because we will be cooking one at a time for the two of us.

Can you guess what we will be grilling out to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow? Yes, it will be a T-Bone. With a baked potato and some green beans, we will have a nice meal.

Enjoy your day tomorrow!

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Great find, Precious. Enjoy! We are having steak tomorrow also. And also salmon. Both on the smoker/grill. Surf and turf. Another couple is coming to enjoy with us. Also making baked beans in the crock pot, salad, fruit and a jello dish.

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