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Preparing a Little Each Day

This week Top’s had a coupon item for a 6lbs. + mega package of 80/20 ground beef on sale for $ 2.99 a lb. I picked up a package that was just about 7 lbs.

Today, Hubby and I spent some time preparing it. I canned about 4 lbs. in pint mason jars with my Instant Pot Max which has a canning program. It was just staying warm until we finished watching NCIS and NCIS Hawaii today that Hubby recorded last night.

Hubby made a big pot of chili and then put it in the crockpot to cook all day. That will be dinner for many nights this week and if there is any left over or we get sick of eating it, I will freeze the rest to use on hot dogs.

I just took the jars out of the canner. They are so hot that they were still boiling. These 4 jars will make 8 meals for Hubby and I . We will use them in casseroles, spaghetti sauce, soups or tacos.

Since we are reading in the news that the UN is telling us that there will be a food crisis in less than 10 weeks, I am taking them seriously. I know that wheat and corn are in short supply. So many products are made with those items. Meat has gotten so expensive that unless you can get a deal on a loss leader, it is almost unaffordable. There are chicken shortages because of the bird flu so that has become expensive also.

Hence I am canning any deals that I find on meat or produce. Even if a crisis does not occur, I will have purchased and put up some food at cheaper prices. It will eventually get eaten.

I hope all of you see what is coming and have stocked up some food for you family.

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I do the same as you but the opposite of you. I buy the loss leader meat but don’t cook it when I get home. Instead, I parce it out in dual servings and then freeze the raw meat. I cook it as needed. I think you’re very brave canning it. I’d be worried my own efforts would spoil the meat. Even when I can fruits and vegetables, I put them into plastic storage containers and freeze them anyway! Oh well.
BTW, your meat recipe looks delicious. Kudos for you!!

We have a generator hooked up to the house. It will uphold the essentials in our home should the power go out. Sometimes, as long as 7 to 10 days.
I was in TOPS today and I looked at the chopped meat for sale. Some of the packages were over twenty bucks (despite the reduced price per pound). Too expensive for me right now. We’ll do turkey burgers and turkey chili instead.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Cindi,

That is terrific on the generator. My son has one hooked up to his home also and he has had to use it a few times recently.

The coupon ground beef was only good on the 6+ pound packages and I noticed most of the packages were closer to 7 lbs. so that immediately gets you over the twenty bucks. It was a good price here and the meat actually looked good for a change. Quality on meat here has gone way down. I love using ground turkey instead of beef but it has been more expensive here than this ground beef. Where are you buying it?

A TOPS store on the Hudson Valley. If I shop at Aldi, I have to pay a toll plus it’s 24 miles round trip. I’m hoping to save money shopping locally for little things I may need rather than rushing over to Aldi. TOPS is very expensive unless it’s a sale item.

Hi Cindi,

Thanks so much. I will have to look in my Top’s for the ground turkey.

Yike! I wouldn’t be using Aldi’s either if I had to drive that far. There are some good deals coming up tomorrow at Top’s. But I will wait to shop on Sr. Discount day.

I’m thinking of shopping in seniors day also. Is it the first Tuesday of the month? I’m not sure?

You are so right! I was thinking it was next Tuesday but it is the following one! See what happens when I get so busy that I can’t think straight. I guess I can go tomorrow.
Thanks so much Cindi!

Hi Precious. You two were busy. The chili looks good. I was thinking about making some this week but didn’t get around to it. Little granddaughter went back to daycare yesterday, but older granddaughter had her last day of school yesterday also. I will be helping with her the next few weeks. Hubby got his tomatoes and peppers in the garden and will be planting the cucumber seeds and tomatillo plants this weekend and getting his watering system set up. I am going with my kids and grandkids to visit Mom for a few days of the holiday weekend. We will stay with my sister. Hubby and son in law will stay home.

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